The Importance Of A Proper Bike Fit

By Roger Hospedales

The importance of a proper bike fit from Frank Mizerski (Retul Master Certified Fitter, Solestar Certified Fitter). To discover more about bike fitting services available with Frank, CLICK HERE.

A look at the Aquila Crono

By Roger Hospedales

Discover the Aquila Crono from brand engineer Frank Mizerski.


CompuTrainer – Performance Improvement Guarantee

Age Groupers At Kona

CompuTrainer’s legendary physics guarantee that you will experience major performance improvements.  Just see what these Age Group athletes had to say about their training with CompuTrainer.

If you want to be competitive in triathlon, you’ve got to be serious about the bike.  I’ve been doing triathlons for 34 years and until I got serious about the bike, I was middle-of-the-pack. Being strong on the bike is crucial, not only to keep you in the mix during the bike, but to deliver you in a position to have a great run.  If you are weak on the bike, you suffer on both accounts.  I bought the CompuTrainer because I wanted to be superior on the bike.  Since acquiring my CompuTrainer in 2009, I’ve had tremendous success because my cycling has improved dramatically.  I have two age group victories in IM Arizona, a second at Couer d’ Alene, and a third at IM Canada, with three Kona appearances (two top-twenty) and a fourth this year.  CompuTrainer gives me the ability to dial in my workouts – in particular interval workouts – which are the key to being a strong cyclist.

William Ankele – Denver, CO – AG 60-64

While I may not be a pro or even an elite athlete, Training on a CompuTrainer has taken me from being a back of the pack biker to sometimes podium winner. I was hooked on CompuTrainer when I saw the difference it made in my race times. The first Ironman 70.3 I completed using a different trainer and barely made the cut off time. However, in 2013 I started using a CompuTrainer and when I repeated that same 70.3 race in the Fall of 2013, I was able to cut over an hour and 20 min off my race time with the bulk of it in the bike leg. The workout quality was far better than any outdoor ride I could ever get due to traffic, daylight, route. The courses let me simulate race conditions and truly know the ups and downs. Plus the added benefit of being able to train at home while the kids are sleeping or taking it with me to the hotel near the hospitals when my son is having surgery is immeasurable! When I trained for my first full Ironman Chattanooga 90% of my rides was on the CompuTrainer having a blast beside my Teammates that are KONA qualifiers (Wes Hargrove, Harvey Gayer).  I can’t say enough great things about CompuTrainer!

Amy Peavy-Smith – AG 40-45

Best Price EVER on a Classic CompuTrainer

For more comments by triathletes who made it to Kona this year with the help of CompuTrainer click on image on the left.

The Gold Standard

  • Highest Accuracy (Lab Grade)
  • Highest Repeatability, +/-1.0%
  • Unmatched Durability – 10-20 Years
  • Only Bike Trainer With A Performance Improvement Guarantee

Call for information at 1-800-522-3610
Jeff Schmitt – Ext. 338
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Orthotics for Cycling: Improving Power Transfer & Tissue Load

Cycling is often considered a healthy exercise choice because it is low impact, this typically means less pounding on your joints and often less injuries compared to other higher impact sports, which is a good thing! But cycling comes with its own plague; repetition. Unfortunately the repetitive nature of cycling can overload tissues; with the repetition of a slightly incorrect movement pattern you can be predisposed to injury.

If you wear orthotics in your everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are needed in your cycling shoes. Pedal strokes are different to running and walking gait and cycling shoes are completely different in shape and stiffness. Since your foot never touches the ground when cycling there is a significant reduction in load sustained by the foot and lower limb compared to running or even walking. Often if orthotics are required, it is most effective to have a pair of dedicated cycling orthoses to ensure correct fit and function. Because of volume limitations with cycling shoes – narrow toe box & shallow shoe depth – size, weight and materials used to make the orthotics need to be considered as well as biomechanics considerations.

If you are injured or experiencing pain a great first step is having a bike fit done from a reputable local bike shop. Also consider how quickly you increased you mileage, are the shoes themselves causing the issue? Or potentially cleat position? And question if your injury is being exasperated by other activities off the bike.

Read the rest of the article at Angela Quick’s –

Spencer Summerfield: For The Love Of Riding

By Spencer Summerfield, member of the 2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

Years ago I had to sell my Cannondale CAAD 8 to buy my TT ( Time Trial) bike and I have missed it ever since. The sport and Triathlon & Duathlon is not exactly cheap with membership fees, grocery bills, equipment, clothing, racing and much much more. It becomes a lifestyle, a healthy addiction in a way but expensive none the less.  Like most people I started on a road bike but soon realized that I was missing out on the “aero” advantage offered by a TT bike. I won’t get into detail here but in the quest for speed I sold my 1 year old road bike to afforded a TT frame. Purchasing a 2010 Argon E112 frame and building it up over the years and now it is a real race machine. While it gets the job done aerodynamically speaking there has always been something missing that the road bike had. This is important because now no matter the occasion on my TT bike I can not ride slow,  I am wired to work hard to push and racing is all I think about while I ride it. Gone was the feeling of freedom that I associated with my road bike gone was the freedom the sense of enjoyment to a certain extent. Until I decided to do something about it this feeling was not going to go away. I started to slowly put away money every month some months it was $20 or $80 I had a plan an idea of building something budget conscious that would hopefully restore the part of bike riding I was missing.

While all this was happening I read a Facebook post from John Salt, Founder and President of MultiSport Canada and he talked about how after years of riding he became wired to think of his bike as “work”. This resonated with me in a astonishing way because I was in the middle of building my “fun machine” in the hopes of restoring the love of riding to my own life. Read more

Wounded Warriors Canada Highway of Heroes Bike Ride – Registration Is Open

Beginning this September 24th at the Afghanistan Repatriation Memorial in Trenton, Ontario, the Highway of Heroes Bike Ride will take up to 200 Canadians on a memorable two day cycling experience in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice while raising awareness and funds in support of our ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families.

Only 200 spots are available. To secure your spot in this inaugural event please visit Read more

Join the Creemoore Springs Turas Mór – Saturday May 14

Creemore Springs Brewery is excited to announce a truly unique cycling event to take place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in Creemore and the surrounding countryside. Read more

Indoor Cycling with Paolina Allan

Paolina Allan, one of Canada’s top cyclist and our new Honorary Race Director for The Georgina Women’s Triathlon, will be hosting in door bike classes In Toronto, commencing Thursday February 25th.

Paolina will be guiding bike/spin classes out of a private studio with CompuTrainers. The CompuTrainer is the only training system capable of delivering the sensitivity required to duplicate the true road feel.

These classes are open to everyone  of every level, newbies to seasoned vets. That’s the great thing of riding the trainer….no one ever gets left behind!  Come out and learn how to utilize the 23 muscles in your legs.  Classes will cover some of the basic fundamental skills of pedalling. Learn how to pace yourself in a triathlon, no matter the distance. Shifting gears, using all of your gears proper! How to climb with a smooth fluid feeling of dancing on your pedals. The Time Trial – the race of truth!!

WHEN: Classes start on Thursday February 25th and run weekly until mid-April.

LOCATION: Hero Endurance, 78 Signet Dr.  Toronto, ON, M9L 3AL

TIME: 7pm…please arrive at least 15 mins prior for set up.

COST: $25 drop in fee

WHAT TO BRING: bike and yourself


Do not be shy, book your spot and surround yourself with great like minded individuals….it will be Paolina’s absolute pleasure, in helping you with your athletic goals!!

If you have Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paolina Allan – Or mobile. 4168884195.

A look at the Sportiiii & Viiiiva

Our product reviews return with a look at two very cool devices, the Sportiiii and the Viiiiva.


If you make use of heart rate and power zones, along with cadence, pace/speed, both of these devices will make your life easier whether training indoors or outdoors.

Read more

Winter Cycling Fundamentals

Improve your cycling efficiency, power and threshold

Conventional wisdom will tell us that in order to make gains in cycling during the off season, long hours need to be spent throughout the winter riding your indoor trainer, and often associated with this are visions of dark, windowless basements and countless DVD box sets. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so gloomy, and it’s easy to make those big gains with shorter rides. Rather than spending all your time doing longer, slower efforts, maximize your time indoors with these shorter workouts. Don’t use the winter months to build endurance! We all love riding our bikes outdoors, so when the nice weather returns in the spring, do your long rides then. The only time I’d ever recommend indoor sessions longer than 2.5 hours is if you’re doing an early-season iron distance triathlon and you have no choice but to do longer endurance workouts inside because of weather. Keep your indoor sessions short, 1.5 – 2.5 hours max, and use this time instead to develop the fundamentals of good cycling: pedaling efficiency, power, and increased threshold.

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