The Transition Area


Racking Your Bike

At almost every race we are finding that more and more people are a little unclear as to the best way to rack a bike and get the maximum space for their other race gear. We have prepared this page for two reasons:

  1. To help you understand how we prepare a Transition Zone and
  2. For you to use as a guide for the best way to maximize space in Transition

If you are an experienced athlete please take the time to help that person who is racking beside you and needs to better understand how to rack. This will not only help them but will ensure that you have the best possible racking scenario.

Racking Your Bike

Bikes are racked by BIB Number. When you arrive please go to the BIB Number Board at the entrance to Transition, find you BIB number and then rack your bike. Once you have racked your bike you can continue on through Transition to the white registration tent and pick-up your BIB number, T-shirt, Timing Chip etc. There will also be additional BIB Number Boards inside Transition and at Registration.

There are signs at the end of each row with a range of numbers. Please rack anywhere on the racks with the range of numbers in which your BIB Number falls. You should rack your bike alternating from one side to the other. In other words two bikes should not be on the same side of a rack and be beside each other. You can rack your bike by using the back of the saddle or the handlebars. Many people find the saddle method easier for un-racking once the race starts.

Here is a picture that shows how to rack your bike. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Once you have racked your bike you should lay out your racing gear between your bike and the bike next to yours. There is a limited amount of space so please don’t place all your race gear next to your bike. Here are a couple of ways to save space. If you have aero bars place you helmet open side up on the aero bars and place your sunglasses in the helmet. If you don’t have aero bars then hang the helmet from the handlebars and put your sunglasses on your saddle or in the helmet. Your bike and running shoes can go on a SMALL towel beside the wheel of your bike. If you have a gear bag it should either be removed from the Transition Area or placed along the fencing that borders the Transition Zone. A transition area with too much equipment is a nuisance for your neighbour and a safety hazard once the race starts.

Once the race has started and you have finished the bike please take the extra couple of seconds to rack your bike properly. Our crew probably picks up 10 to 15 bikes at every race that have fallen from the bike rack because athletes are in too much of a hurry. This can damage your bike, your neighbours bike and cause a saftey hazard for those athletes running out on to the run course.


We hope you find this information helpful but if you have any questions please email or contact us. Good luck and have a great time!