Medals, Mementos, and Awards


Finisher’s Medals 

Finisher medals for all Athletes!!  Each Finisher will receive an Event-Specific Finisher’s Medal 

For our Kids of Steel Events, each child will receive a Participation Medal. In the spirit of participation, there will be No Age Group Awards for our Kids of Steel Events. 



We are pleased to offer you choices for your Event Memento: 

  1. Casual T-Shirt with Event-Specific Design – for registrations received prior to three (3) weeks of each event
  2. Casual Race T-Shirt with Series Design – for registration received within three (3) weeks of each event
  3. OR Choose No Memento and SAVE $5.00 

NOTE –    Registration MUST be completed three (3) weeks prior to the race to receive a T-Shirt with the Event-Specific Design.  Registration received within the three (3) weeks to a race and on race day will have the option for a T-Shirt with our Series Design. 


T-Shirt Sizing (sizing in inches)

Men’s T-Shirts   S  M  L  XL 
Body Length    28  29  30  31 
Chest Width (Laid Flat)    18  20  22  24 
Women’s T-Shirts XS  XL 
Body Length  24.5  25  26  27  28 
Chest Width (Laid Flat)  16  16.5  17.5  18.5  19.25 


Age Group Awards 

We set our Age-Groups based on participation levels as described below: 

  • For races with OVER 150 registered Two (2) weeks prior to race day will use Five (5) year age categories (e.g. Women 40-44, Women 45-49, etc.)
  • Races with BETWEEn 50 and 150 registered Two (2) weeks prior to race day will use Ten (10) year age categories (e.g. Men 20-29, Men 30-39, etc.)
  • Race with UNDER 50 registered two (2) weeks prior to race day will use Under 40 and 40 Plus age categories. 

Podium Medals – The Top Three (3) Finishers in each of the above categories will be recognized for their accomplishments at our Awards Ceremony.

Draw Prizes – There will also be Draw Prizes from our sponsors given out at our Awards Ceremony.  You MUST be present at the Awards Ceremony in order to claim your Draw Prize.


Series Points and Series Awards

You can earn Series Points in one of the Four (4) types of races below:

  • Give-It-A-Tri
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Duathlon (includes ALL Run-Bike-Run and Bike-Run events)
  • Olympic Plus (includes Olympic and Long Course Triathlons)

Points Distribution

Points will be awarded as follows:























Series Points will be updated after each event and will be included as part of each Post Race Report send-out by the middle of the week following an event as well as posted to the Results Page


Series Age-Groups

Based on the most common age-groups breakdowns (i.e. Five-Year, Ten-Year or U40, 40+) at our events, the Four (4) Series will be as follows:

  • Give-It-A-Tri – Ten (10) Year Age-Groups
  • Sprint Triathlon – Five (5) Year Age-Groups
  • Duathlon – Ten (10) Year Age-Groups
  • Olympic Plus – Five (5) Year Age-Groups


TIE BREAKER – Criteria to break a tie for any Series Awards

Your best Three (3) races count towards the Series Awards.  If there is a POINTS tie leading into the final weekend we will use the following criteria:

  • Total times for the races in which both athletes competed head-to-head.
  • If athletes did not race head-to-head at any race then the Tie Breaker race will be in Lakeside.
  • The athlete awarded the most points at Lakeside will be declared the Series Champion for the respective age group – see above for Series Age Groups


Series Awards

In order to qualify for a Series Award you need to complete at least three (3) races in one of the categories above (e.g. Give-It-A-Tri, Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon, Olympic Plus) within the season.

If you complete MORE than Three (3) races ONLY your BEST Three (3) races will count towards your Series Award

The Top Three (3) athletes in each of the above Series Age-Groups will receive a Series Award Plaque.  Award Plaques will be produced and distributed by mail in the fall.

Registration Policies

Our registration policies were designed to be as fair as possible, while still allowing the events to remain financially viable. Organizers make significant year-long investments, and these events can only occur once a year. This requires a strong commitment from participants well in advance. 

Multi-Race Discount 

3-4 Races  5-7 Races  7+ Races 
15% off each race  20% off each race  25% off each race 

NOTE – Discounts will not be backdated to previous registrations during the same season. To be eligible for the Multi-Race discount you must sign-up for multiple races in ONE TRANSACTION during registration! Please note, the Multi-Race discount is applied per individual. Additional race entries such as friends or family, does not increase the total percentage of savings in your cart. 

Additionally, the Niagara Falls Barrelman is NOT eligible to be part of the Multi-Race discount as it is a standalone event separate from the triathlon series. 


Triathlon Ontario 

Is the Provincial Sporting Organization (PSO) for Triathlon in Ontario that provides leadership and governance to develop and grow multisport in Ontario as well as deliver a safe and fair environment for participation. 

Triathlon Ontario fees are not part of our race fees. If you are not a full-year member of Triathlon Ontario, as a part of your registration you will need to purchase a One-Day Membership for an additional Fee. 

For Kids of Steel Events, the One Day Triathlon Ontario fees are as follows:


3-5 – $4.00 

6-7 – $4.00 

8-9 – $7.00 

10-11 – $7.00 

12-14 – $7.00 

For Give-it-A-Tri, Sprint, and Olympic Distance Events, the One-Day Triathlon Ontario Fees are $9.00. For Long Course Events, the One-Day Triathlon Ontario Fee is $12.00


Age Restrictions in Racing 

NOTE – Age-Groups are based on your age as of December 31 of the Current Year.

Max. Ind. Distances Allowed Example of Permitted Races 

Age  Distance  Notes 
14  400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run  Give-It-A-Tri or ONE LEG of a Sprint Relay Event 
16  750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run  All Sprint Triathlons and Sprint Duathlons 
18  1500m Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run  Olympic Tri, Int Du and Long Course Events 

Registration Transfers


Change inside the Same Event – For $10.00 you can change races (e.g. Sprint Tri to Sprint Du) inside the same event within Race Roster

Transfer to a Different Event – For $25.00 you can change to a different event (e.g. Welland to Bracebridge) 

Transfer your Entry to Another Person – For $20.00 you can transfer your entry to another person within Race Roster

Defer to Next Season – For $40 you may defer/credit your entry for a maximum of One (1) Year or Event Season



  • Any Transfers or Deferrals MUST be initiated and completed by 11:59PM Ten (10) Days prior to an event. 
  • If there is a difference in the registration fees, you will need to pay the difference plus the transfer fee
  • If there is no difference in the registration fees, you will need to pay the transfer fee 
  • If you are transferring to a lower-priced race, no refunds will be issued


Refund Policy 

We will grant refunds for substantiated Medical Reasons (e.g. significant injury, severe illness, etc.) ONLY as follows: 

  • Up to Four (4) Weeks prior to an event, we will be able to offer a 75% refund 
  • Up to Two (2) Weeks prior to an event, we will be able to offer a 25% refund 
  • There will be No Refunds for any reason within Two (2) Weeks of any event 


  • With all refunds, the participant will be required to pay the processing fee 

Health and Safety


Water Quality 

If the water quality is tested more than 100 eColi per 100 milliliters of water, you will have two options: 

  1. You can choose to participate in the Triathlon for that day. If you do choose to stay in the Triathlon you will be swimming at your own risk. OR
  2. You can choose to participate in a Duathlon on that day 



With all our events taking place outdoors, the weather conditions can play a big factor in every event. Many unrecoverable expenses have already been incurred and as such there will be No Refunds because of a weather-related cancellation.  Registered participants will still receive ALL their Event Mementos.


Water Temperature

The decision regarding swim distance is made on Race Morning in conjunction with the Officials from Triathlon Ontario, so please come prepared.

First, the air and water temperatures are taken and then factored together.  At most of our venues, the summer water temperature is between 17C (63F) and 24C (76F).

On rare occasions when the water temperature is under 14C or 57F, the swim distance might be shortened.  On very rare occasions when the water is under 12C (53F), for everyone’s safety, the event will be converted to Run-Bike-Run.  Should this be required, the event will be hosted separately (i.e. for Awards and Series Points) from the existing Duathlon.

Please note that there will be No Refunds if it becomes necessary to cancel the swim due to low water and/or air temperature.



We encourage everyone to consider using a triathlon wetsuit as the added buoyancy does give an increased degree of confidence for many.  Should you decide to use a wetsuit, please be sure you have practiced swimming in the wetsuit several times before race day to ensure the fit is both secure and comfortable.

The decision regarding wetsuits is made on Race Morning in conjunction with the Officials from Triathlon Ontario, so please come prepared.  Here are some of the water temperature guidelines:

  • Wetsuits are OPTIONAL if the water temperature if between 25.5C (78F) and 16C (61F)
  • Wetsuits are NOT Permitted if the water temperature is above 25.6C (78F)
  • Wetsuits are MANDATORY if the water temperature is below 16C (61F)
  • Wetsuits are also MANDATORY if the air temperature is below 10C (50F)

An announcement will be made at least 60min of the race start letting you know the water temperature and the decision taken on both wetsuit usage as well as swim distance.


Public Health Regulations 

We will not be able to offer refunds if there is a change in Public Health Regulations that does NOT allow for the event to be hosted as planned.  Should this happen, deferrals or transfers will be offered at no additional cost.


Inclement weather? (e.g. Thunder and Lightning, High Winds, etc.) 

With all of our events taking place outdoors, the weather conditions can play a big factor in every race. A large portion of the race fees collected have already been allocated and used by race day and as such there will be no refunds because of a weather cancellation. Registered participants will still receive their T-shirts and race kits. Thank you for your understanding of these policies. 

We will do whatever it takes to ensure that all races will go on, but safety always comes first. Here are some examples of what MIGHT happen in the case of inclement weather: 

  • In the event of light to moderate rain, and the absence of any lightning, our goal would be to proceed with the scheduled event as long as road conditions are safe, especially in the case of the bike course. 
  • If there is lightning in the area, the event may be placed on hold. The hold will be kept in place until we are certain that the weather has passed or has changed course and we will not be affected. 
  • If lightning is still in the area or a possibility we will consider canceling the swim and converting the race into a duathlon (run, bike, run). 
  • If the swim and bike courses are determined to be unsafe, but the run course is determined to be safe, the event may be modified into a run-only event. 
  • If after one hour of a weather hold all three portions of the event are determined to be unsafe, the event may be canceled. The hold may be extended after taking into consideration other safety factors 

Are any type of Earphones or Headphones allowed? 

NO Earphones or Headphones of any kind are permitted in our Series events.  Regardless of their type, they do distract from your ability to be present to other participants, and in events with Shared Roads, to vehicles around you. 

What are the Top 10 Frequently Violated Rules 

  1. A competitor must wear the Swim Cap provided by the race organization. 
  2. Helmets are compulsory and chin straps MUST be fastened anytime the athlete is in possession of the bicycle. This means that before the bike is removed from the rack, the chin strap must be fastened and remain fastened until the bike is placed back on the racks. 
  3. Riding of bicycles in the transition zone is strictly prohibited at all times. 
  4. Competitors may not receive assistance at any time during the race, or in the transition zone. (This excludes medical or safety assistance given by designated race volunteers or qualified staff.)  
  5. Drafting of another competitor or motor vehicle is prohibited on the bike course. The draft zone surrounding each competitor measures 10 metres from the front edge of the front wheel. Competitors have 20 seconds to pass through this zone when overtaking another athlete. 
  6. Cyclists should keep to the right-most side of the road at all times, unless passing. Alert fellow cyclists of your intention to pass by saying, “on your left”. 
  7. Competitors must follow the prescribed course route in all segments of the race as defined by the Event Organization. 
  8. It is the Competitor’s responsibility to read all supplied information given in the race kits, posted at the race site, and listen to verbal announcements given by the Race Director and Race Officials. 
  9. Verbal or physical abuse of officials and race volunteers is not acceptable or tolerated. 
  10. All athletes must have their torsos covered on the bike and run portions of the event. Bib numbers must be visible on the bike and run courses. 


All of our races will have timing splits for all legs of the races including Transition Zone splits. That means Swim or Run, Transition #1, Bike, Transition #2, Run and Finish. Professional results are provided by SportStats and results will be posted at throughout the event.  All participants must pick-up their timing chip prior to the event and wear it around their ankle.  Timing chips are the property of SportStats and must be returned at the finish line. Athletes will be responsible for the cost of replacing lost timing chips 

Can I sign up for a Triathlon Relay with only two (2) people? 

Yes – Be sure to register one of the two people a second time during the process. 

Do you rent Bikes or Wetsuits? 

No, we do not. At some of our events, wetsuits are available for rental but that entirely depends on which retailers are present and if they are renting or not. This information can usually be found in our Pre-Event Email.