NRG COVID Adventures

2020 has definitely not been the year that anyone was expecting. With everything turned on its head and races off the calendar for a while it’s time to start looking for different options to stay fit and motivated. My main goal for 2020 was racing Kona in Oct after I turn 50 (having qualified in […]

4 Great Ontario training locations to check out this long weekend

It’s the July long weekend! Many triathletes will take advantage of the three days off to get some training in. We’ve rounded up a list of just some of the great Ontario spots to train this weekend… and if you’re still looking for an upcoming race to train for, check out our calendar and sign […]

5 race week bike checks you won’t want to forget

MultiSport Canada’s first triathlon of the 2018 season kicks off on Saturday at Welland (click here to register if you haven’t yet!). Together with our series’ bike sponsor Aquila Cycles, we’ve come up with a list of the 5 important bike checks you’ll want to do before your race this weekend. These are simple things you […]

MultiSport Canada’s 3 best races for the absolute beginner

So, you want to do your first triathlon this year? Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an exciting journey. MultiSport Canada pride ourselves on having something for everyone at our triathlon race series. Whether you’re trying to get a spot at the ITU World Championships, win the entire series, hit a PB or just try […]

Training for the Time Crunched Athlete

By Tim Doris 2017 Multisport Canada Ambassador An approach to training that works for me, sometimes! We are all busy with work commitments, family commitments, and extra-curricular activities which in my family are competitive dance, rep. soccer, and baseball, and of course my own training. The most important thing that I have learned this past […]

How to Train for a Spring Training Camp

By Dr. Cindy Lewis, CLPerformance Training For reasons of pride and practicality, nobody wants to show up at a training camp unprepared. The prospect of getting outside again in the sunshine to train in warm weather draws a lot of athletes to early spring training camps. Who doesn’t want to take a break from the […]

Resolution Triathlon Mega Day

Who is this for?  Anyone wanting to get fit, tired of running injuries, looking for a new challenge with quality coaching and lots of support, fun environment and great group activities. Find out what you need to complete a triathlon…equipment and motivation. When: January 29th, 2017 from 9am – 5pm at the Bob Hayward YMCA London, Ontario What: Swim […]

The Necessity of Running

By Daryl Flacks Been having a hard time staying focused lately? Skipped so many runs you’ve lost count? You just haven’t felt like it or maybe not in the mood. You’re not eating well and haven’t been drinking enough water. It happens to the best of us. The weather’s cold and less than ideal. The […]

Paratriathlon Makes Its Debut at Rio 2016

Ryan Van Praet Previews the upcoming Paratriathlon Debut Many of us can recall where we were in 2000 when a young kid from Kingston named Simon Whitfield, surged in the final kilometer to win the first ever gold medal in triathlon at the Sydney Olympic Games. How many of us will be glued to our TV’s or […]

Orthotics for Cycling: Improving Power Transfer & Tissue Load

Cycling is often considered a healthy exercise choice because it is low impact, this typically means less pounding on your joints and often less injuries compared to other higher impact sports, which is a good thing! But cycling comes with its own plague; repetition. Unfortunately the repetitive nature of cycling can overload tissues; with the repetition of a slightly incorrect movement pattern […]