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Age Groupers At Kona

CompuTrainer’s legendary physics guarantee that you will experience major performance improvements.  Just see what these Age Group athletes had to say about their training with CompuTrainer.

If you want to be competitive in triathlon, you’ve got to be serious about the bike.  I’ve been doing triathlons for 34 years and until I got serious about the bike, I was middle-of-the-pack. Being strong on the bike is crucial, not only to keep you in the mix during the bike, but to deliver you in a position to have a great run.  If you are weak on the bike, you suffer on both accounts.  I bought the CompuTrainer because I wanted to be superior on the bike.  Since acquiring my CompuTrainer in 2009, I’ve had tremendous success because my cycling has improved dramatically.  I have two age group victories in IM Arizona, a second at Couer d’ Alene, and a third at IM Canada, with three Kona appearances (two top-twenty) and a fourth this year.  CompuTrainer gives me the ability to dial in my workouts – in particular interval workouts – which are the key to being a strong cyclist.

William Ankele – Denver, CO – AG 60-64

While I may not be a pro or even an elite athlete, Training on a CompuTrainer has taken me from being a back of the pack biker to sometimes podium winner. I was hooked on CompuTrainer when I saw the difference it made in my race times. The first Ironman 70.3 I completed using a different trainer and barely made the cut off time. However, in 2013 I started using a CompuTrainer and when I repeated that same 70.3 race in the Fall of 2013, I was able to cut over an hour and 20 min off my race time with the bulk of it in the bike leg. The workout quality was far better than any outdoor ride I could ever get due to traffic, daylight, route. The courses let me simulate race conditions and truly know the ups and downs. Plus the added benefit of being able to train at home while the kids are sleeping or taking it with me to the hotel near the hospitals when my son is having surgery is immeasurable! When I trained for my first full Ironman Chattanooga 90% of my rides was on the CompuTrainer having a blast beside my Teammates that are KONA qualifiers (Wes Hargrove, Harvey Gayer).  I can’t say enough great things about CompuTrainer!

Amy Peavy-Smith – AG 40-45

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