MultiSport Canada’s 3 best races for the absolute beginner

So, you want to do your first triathlon this year? Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an exciting journey. MultiSport Canada pride ourselves on having something for everyone at our triathlon race series. Whether you’re trying to get a spot at the ITU World Championships, win the entire series, hit a PB or just try a new distance (we offer Give-it-a-Tri, Sprint, Olympic and Long Course), there’s something in our series for you. If you’re an absolute beginner, you might be wondering where the best place is to start. The Give-it-a-Tri distance (offered at all of our races except Kingsotn and Wasaga) is always a great place to start, but if you’d like your first race to be a sprint or Olympic we’ve got some specific recommendations:

Rose City (Welland) Sprint 

This year, we announced a fully-closed bike course for Welland’s sprint course — that means zero cars! This is great for first-timers nervous about the bike portion of the race. Some other reasons why Welland is the perfect beginner venue? The Flatwater Centre where the swim is held is calm water with lines under water for sighting, almost like a giant pool rather than an open water body. The grand stands mean your support network will be right there cheering you on for your whole run. This race takes place Sunday June 24 and there’s still room to register, though spots are going quickly.

Wasaga Sprint

The swim can sometimes be a little wavy here but Wasaga has a great flat bike and run course that beginners will appreciate, and a finish line along the beach that is lined with spectators the entire day! Wasaga takes place on August 25. You can register here.

Toronto Island 

This race weekend is great for beginners for two reasons — our Ontario Women’s Triathlon taking place on the Saturday always draws large numbers of first-timers from the women’s triathlon community in the GTA, and has a very welcoming vibe for ladies of all abilities. The Toronto Island Sprint on the Sunday has a flat bike and run course and the Lake Ontario water for the swim is usually very calm. Check out our video series following some women training for their first triathlon at OWT here and register for the races here.

If you needed any more encouraging, be sure to check out our ambassador Daniel Clarke’s video on 6 reasons to race our series this year: