The Art of the Off-Season

I recently told my coach, I was thinking about writing a piece on the off-season. To which he replied, “that is going to be a very short article… you don’t take one.” Needless to say I do not have the best history of taking an appropriate off-season. You may now find yourself wondering how I […]

Amino Acid and Protein for Sport Performance – Not Just for Bodybuilders

There is little doubt that hard training athletes have significantly higher protein requirements than the general population. Getting adequate amounts of quality protein throughout the day ensures that you are getting those needed amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and keep your immune system healthy. 

Drafting of the legal kind

By Alexander VanderLinden, Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team member. With the end of the season races here we are all looking to get the most out of them. One way to save some time or energy is drafting. While drafting is viewed as a deadly sin during the bike, during the swim it is completely […]

Hindsight is 20/20: Reflecting on Your Season

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam The 2014 race season is coming to a close, unless you’ve qualified for Kona (in which case, congrats, and come back to this article in a few months!). First of all you deserve some rest! Taking some down time also gives you space to reflect on how your season went, […]

Stress Fracture Nutrition: Prevention & Recovery

Abrupt increases in training duration, intensity and/or frequency of physical activity without adequate periods for rest and recovery can lead to micro cracks or stress fractures.  This is because the rate of bone healing or recovery is unable to keep up with the rate of breakdown that is caused by the repetitive stress placed upon […]

Your Optimal Taper Week

By LifeSport Coach Louis Therien As you get closer to your goal race, you have the hard evidence of your work in the completed weeks and months of hard training. This fitness is now in the bank. You’ve followed your training schedules religiously. Your fitness is at an all-time high. You’re ready to toe the […]

Long Distance Triathlon: Staying Strong and Injury Free

By Dr. Cindy Lewis Many people have said to me over the years: “Aren’t you worried about the damage all of this training is doing to your body?” And my response always relates to the fact that if you take care of yourself, listen to your body, and do your utmost to mitigate your chances […]

Water Running – an under-utilized form of cross-training

By Kristen Marchant, Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Water running is perhaps one of the most under-utilized forms of cross training. As a zero-impact activity, it can be a great way for injured athletes to stay in shape, or a great supplement to a training program for healthy athletes. Water running is the closest form […]

Sport Nutrition For Injury Prevention

Sport related injuries can disrupt your workout program for weeks, months…or longer.  A proper training diet can help reduce your risk of sport related injuries no matter your current exercise program.  The following are dietary guidelines to support you and your active lifestyle.

10 Tips For A Faster Transition

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam Often referred to as the fourth discipline of a triathlon, the transition is an important part of your success on race day. Learning to master it will have you shaving off time and will build your confidence come race day. Many triathletes find transitions a bit nerve wracking so getting […]