Bike Fit: Why you should have one done

  A bike fit is like going to the tailors and having dress pants altered, perhaps you think it is a waste of time and you could just wear them off the rack but how much nicer is it when they really fit you properly. How you hold your handlebars, sit on your saddle and even something […]

Winter Swimming Fundamentals

Some simple tips to improve your swimming this winter In two past articles I’ve covered topics on cycling and running that cover some basic fundamentals you may want to focus on over the winter training season. In the third part of this series I’ll be talking about the same with swimming, and tips and techniques […]

Include High-Impact Exercise In Indoor Workouts

Make the most of your winter gym time with a combination of high- and low-impact exercise. A cross-training routine that balances both can help you maintain fitness and prevent injury. To read the full article click here.  

Winter Cycling Fundamentals

Improve your cycling efficiency, power and threshold Conventional wisdom will tell us that in order to make gains in cycling during the off season, long hours need to be spent throughout the winter riding your indoor trainer, and often associated with this are visions of dark, windowless basements and countless DVD box sets. Well, I’m […]

Amino Acid and Protein for Sport Performance – Not Just for Bodybuilders

There is little doubt that hard training athletes have significantly higher protein requirements than the general population. Getting adequate amounts of quality protein throughout the day ensures that you are getting those needed amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and keep your immune system healthy.

Winter Running Fundamentals

Improve your running by working on form and core strength The new year is here and it’s time to start thinking ahead to the upcoming season. What can we do differently with our training? How can we make the biggest gains with the smallest efforts? What is the least time-consuming thing I can do to make […]

3 Indoor Trainer Power Workouts to Improve Your Cycling

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam There will be few power meters on wish lists this Christmas! Power meters are a serious investment on top of all the other gadgets and devices you want and need for triathlon training. However, paired with your heart rate data they provide some of the most accurate and useful information […]

The Sun Shine Vitamin (Vitamin D) and Athletic Performance

You have likely heard that vitamin D plays a key role in bone health.  But did you know it is also essential to physical performance in relation to muscle strength, power, reaction time, balance, coordination, and endurance? It is well known that particular groups of the population are more likely to have low or insufficient […]

Keeping Fit over the Holidays

By LifeSport Coach Louis Therien           The holiday season is almost upon us and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a little downtime from the active lifestyle we, as dedicated athletes, are accustomed to. The festive season can provide us with the opportunity to recharge our batteries by spending quality time […]

Turn the training “on” in the “off” season

          By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam The cold weather is getting closer and Kona has come and gone so for most Canadian triathletes the 2014 racing season has come to a close and we are entering what most people refer to as the “off” season. While a good rest is more […]