Paratriathlon – It’s Okay To Be Curious, Some Facts & Fiction to Consider

As the season has kicked off recently in Ontario and I look to toe the line in Welland for the Long Course to kick off my year, it seemed like a good time to write this article. No doubt in the past you have seen the odd triathlete or two show up at a race and look a […]

How Watching The Pros Can Help You In Triathlons

By Anne Belanger Are you a new triathlete looking to make improvements on technique but can’t afford a coach? Do you have a coach but still want to supplement your training free of cost? Watching professional triathletes tackle their hardest races can provide valuable insights into form and techniques that you can adapt into your […]

Battling Depression – My Strongest Competitor

By Daryl Flacks As athletes we strive for the complete fitness lifestyle.  Often this includes eating healthy, getting in scheduled training sessions and attaining the necessary sleep to achieve peak performances.  The reality for many of us is that life gets in the way.  Every day we are faced with challenges that threaten our mood, […]

How To Balance Triathlon Training With Parenting and Work Like A Pro

By Luke Ehgoetz I’d like to share with those interested some tips and tricks on how I have found it works to balance parenting, training for triathlons, and working full time! The sport of triathlon rewards those that train some combination of the smartest, the hardest and the most, with the first point likely the most important of the […]

Spencer Summerfield – What’s on tap for 2016

With one duathlon already in the books (Iron Hawk) that means the start of the 2016 MultiSport Canada Duathlon/Triathlon Recharge With Milk Series is just weeks away.

Strengthening to Avoid Injury

By: Miranda Tomenson, MSc I asked my chiropractor about the most common cause of running related injuries. His response was that weak gluteal muscles (AKA bum muscles) are the most common cause. This muscles are primary involved in keeping you upright and extending your leg behind you. Apparently, when they are weak, a person will […]

Training for an Ultra-Marathon

By Daryl Flacks, Member of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Indiana Trail 50 – April 30, 2016. What will it take to be successful? What are my goals? With just 5 weeks remaining, each run brings with it a self-evaluation of sorts. How difficult were the miles? Was the pace comfortable or taxing? Too fast, […]

The Image of Success

You’re halfway through an early morning run. The sun is rising and you’re feeling alive. Then you feel the burn and your thoughts start racing. That inner voice urges you to pull back, and your pace slips. If you’re serious about improving performance, training your body is only half the battle. Developing your mental power […]

Off The Beaten Track: Workout Without Leaving Your House

If just the thought of bundling up for a run or a trip to the gym leaves you cold, there’s a warm workout solution for you. A bodyweight workout routine might be better suited to your winter work/life routine and continue to challenge your mind and muscles during the colder months. Read the rest at Off […]

The Battle and The Struggle

Sport is just as much mental as it is physical. But it is the mental aspect that can make or break an athlete.   By Mikael Staer Nathan Triathlon is a sport of many challenges. It is not simply swim, bike and run for a battle of the fittest. There are a multitude of obstacles […]