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Reverse-engineer your happiness

— By Ken de Jong When it came to motivating myself to get out there and have a better life, the direct approach just didn’t seem to work. I could pick a decent challenge, or I choose a weight loss goal and meet it, but I couldn’t sustain the change in lifestyle that I was […]

2017 Ambassador Post-Race Reports

If you are wondering about what kind of race conditions you will find at a given race, our Ambassador Team reports might be of interest. 2017 Welland Daniel Clarke – Long Course Triathlon Mark Lawrence Daryl Flacks – Bike/Run Jessey Elf – Sprint Triathlon Angela Quick – Long Course Triathlon Luke Ehgoetz – Long Course Triathlon Dempsey Cruz […]

2017 Ambassadors Articles

Articles, tips, reports and useful resources from the Ambassador Team. Daniel Clarke – Don’t Forget to Have Fun Matt Straatman – Six Triathlon Hacks Kelley Tessier – Swim Cancellation Matt Strattman – Simple and Essential DIY Bike Maintenance Falicia Long – Mind Games Daniel Clarke – 3 Reasons to Race Your Own Race Tory Jones – […]

Simple and Essential DIY Bike Maintenance

Endless things could be said about the benefits of having a clean drivetrain, but the main benefit is that with a clean and well maintained drivetrain, your bike will last longer, run more efficiently and, in turn, will make you go faster (because that’s what it’s all about). Being guilty of this myself, it is […]

Swim Cancellation – Kelley Tessier

It can be the biggest barrier to triathlon, the hardest thing to become successful at (in my opinion) and on race day – it can either be calm as glass or as rough as a washing machine. I’m talking about the swim. It’s a love/hate relationship for most and can make or break your day. […]

Triathlon Training – Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Training for a triathlon is a significant time commitment.  For most of us we only race a few times a year, but we train almost every day.  When we are all consumed by the numbers – power, heart rate, speed – it’s easy to forget that the training can be, and should be fun.  Last […]

Tuesday Tune Up Week 7

Six Triathlon Hacks for a more Enjoyable Race As we want our athletes to have the best experience on race day, here are 6 triathlon hacks that you can try for a more enjoyable race: