— By Randy Cornelisse 


Has anyone ever told you that no matter what you’re doing, it should be fun, or there’s no point? Let’s put that oft-used statement into perspective. I have completed a few triathlons and half Ironman events… not fun! Not because of the distance, but because they kept the swimming portion in. I’m not a fan of “the swimming”. I don’t like to get into the cold car in the winter, hop in the always cold, eye-burning, nasal drip-instigating pool and practice endless, mind numbing, tedious end-to-end drills, which I never seem to improve on. Don’t misunderstand, I am not bitter, it is a fact. I was told by my lovely girlfriend, Danica, that after two years and a couple swim clinics I was the only person she ever knew that actual got worse. Needless to say I am back to duathlons. My motto is “Swimming is for Suckers”…or quite frankly those that enjoy it, or are good at swimming, but you can see how that wouldn’t be a catchy motto.

I’ve led you to believe that I am not detailed at all, but I do write out my workouts a couple weeks ahead of time and I do keep a log of past years workouts to compare. They are all however written in pencil and can be adjusted to suit the circumstances. Right now you may be wondering what those circumstances could be. The usual of course; maybe a nagging injury that needs to be nursed, an appointment, kids or of course an unusually loooong drawn out winter, that never wanted to quit and kept coming back for more, like your ex-wife’s lawyer…but I digress.

This paragraph is about specifics. Swimming — really, we’re still talking about swimming? Don’t do it! Swimming should only be done if you’re floating and there is a nice beach, in a tropical location! If however you ignore my sage advice and insist on swimming and are just starting, or are simply a horrible swimmer, like me, go to some clinics. Swimming is all technique, of which I have none. You can easily get hooked up with some clinics through MSC or your local pool. Running — you might be thinking that this guy must love running, because he’s a duathlete and runs twice in a race, well surprise! I don’t really like running. Quite often I find it a lot of work and quite tiresome. Come to think of it I believe it is almost as silly as swimming. If I’m always coming back to where I started, why am I leaving in such a rush in the first place? Track they say will make you faster. That’s true, but all people faster than me also know that fact and they aren’t getting slower. This makes me think they do a lot of track. The only reason I’m running track then is not to catch them, but to stay ahead of the runners behind me, who also know that track will make them faster. This all seems like a vicious circle, that we could end, by just agreeing to never do track again. Have you ever driven your car along your run route, to put water and fuel out, prior to your run and realized that it seemed like a ridiculous long way to run? If so you might be a marathoner, but that’s another article. Biking-Your thinking to yourself surely this is it, he loves biking, wrong again! Admittedly I look pretty cool, all decked out in my multi colored spandex, on a bike the costs more than my first car and everyone normal, that I know(I don’t really know a lot of normal people) asks “does it come with an engine”? Ha ha ha oh man that’s the first time I’ve heard that one. I have tried saddle after saddle, to find the most comfortable and ergonomic for my body. Makes me laugh just thinking of the fun times that it brings to my mind, but at least a saddle usually comes with the bike, as opposed to pedals. Really no pedals? Isn’t that like a car without wheels, Peanut butter without jam? Did you know any day I ride its’s windy? No really it’s always a head wind of a least 20kph and it shifts every time I change direction. They say hills will make you stronger. I don’t know who “They” are, but I don’t like hills and I thought this was supposed to be fun.

This all brings me to the title of this training article,Multisport…Why”. Obviously, because it’s fun! Have you not been paying attention? Put all these sports together, whether it is triathlon or duathlon, and it becomes fun. I know, I don’t completely get it either, but it does become fun. The fact that there is a great sense of camaraderie in the sport and that it’s great for your overall health and lifestyle adds to it. Don’t get me wrong, for sure individually each sport can be a real downer, but together they are like peanut butter and jelly or a new bike that comes with pedals. After all why do it if it’s not fun?