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Warm Spring Days are Good Training Days

By Chris Yuen For those who live in the Northeast, the warmer weather has finally arrived, and many triathletes finally take their bikes outside, and enjoy the sun and spring scenery while spinning. As for me who is not aiming to podium, I just want to train, be prepared, and to complete the Welland Rose […]

Getting (Un)Comfortable

By Matt McGuckin For me, the swim was always the most daunting part of triathlon. If you don’t come from a swimming background, it’s challenging to know how to train for an open water swim. So, for all of us aquatically-challenged triathletes what’s the key to a successful open water swim? My first few triathlon […]

If she can do it, you can too.

By Angela Giddens If she can do it, you can too.   These are the words I heard this past January while running a half marathon in Florida. I was wearing a half ironman race shirt and from behind me I heard a man say to the woman running with him. “Look honey, she ran a […]

How I Became a Triathlete… without Ever Entering the Water (Toronto Island Race Report)

— By Darren Cooney Out of all of the races in the Skechers Performance MultiSport Canada series, the Toronto Island event attracts the greatest numbers of first-timers.  And that’s just one quality that makes it so special. For Torontonians like me, it’s the one race in the series that we can reach by bike – […]

2018 Kingston Long Course Triathlon Race Day Summary

Link to my Youtube post of my 2018 Kingston Long Course Race Day Summary

5 lessons on injuries from the wrong kind of elite

— by Darren Cooney In 2018, after many years of hard work, I think I have finally qualified for elite status. No, I am not the kind of elite athlete who completes a sprint distance race in under an hour and competes as a professional. Instead, have unfortunately qualified for the rare status of elite […]

Welland Long Course post-race report from Daryl Flacks

— By Daryl Flacks This past weekend (June 23/24) was MultiSport Canada’s season opener presented by Skechers Performance in Welland. The Long Course races were held Saturday, with Sunday dedicated to the sprint & give-it-a-tri races. Sunday’s bike course was held entirely on fully closed roads. I raced Saturday in the Long Course 56k Bike […]

2018 Welland Long Course Race Day Summary

— By Luke Ehgoetz

Not so fast; relish the accomplishment

— By Daryl Flacks “It’s not how fast you go but how long you go fast.” No one knows this better than endurance athletes. The ability to maintain speed over the longer distances requires consistency…. draining the reserves and then going beyond. It’s not uncommon in a hard training session to puke a little, shed […]

Your best

— By Niels Dekker  When I hear the rhetorical question, “is one sport not enough for you triathletes?” I can’t help but chuckle. For those who truly love this amazing sport, I don’t think that crosses our mind. If anything, the muliti-discipline nature is what adds to the challenge, and triathletes love a good challenge! […]