Spencer Summerfield: My Summer Recap – The Good & The Bad

This recap has been a log time coming and with my down time from training I now have some free time to write this. This past summer was the busiest to date I raced 10 duathlons, 2 running races, battled small injuries, hormone problems, my daughter was born and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. All this happened in such a short period of time that it has felt like a very long season.

My season started with a 10k road race to test my winter training and it was anything but fantastic. This was April and I had a bonk in my training in March. It was around this time my bodies hormones were so screwed up I was barely hanging on. After the 10k it was Iron Hawk Duathlon which annually I race as my season opener. This race also did not reflect all the hard training I had done all winter and I started to have heart rate issues as I battled running and cycling while on beta blockers (suppress heart beat).

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I Love Being a Goodlife Fitness Spin Instructor

By Tim Doris


I started to take spin classes at our local GoodLife Fitness in Cobourg in the fall of 2009 two years after our second child was born. My wife was a GoodLife Member and had just become a Zumba instructor at the club and suggested that I go and try one of the cycling classes. I had no idea what to expect when I showed up for that first Saturday morning 8:30 class, but I wondered how could sitting on an indoor stationary bike be a great work out!
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A Pre-Race “To-Do” List

Lakeside Angela Quick Bike

By Angela Quick, A member of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, and Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

Most of us at the end of the triathlon season pack up our transition bags and all of its content to stash it away in the closet until the next season of racing rolls around. We then go dig it out to find that gel that has expired over the winter, that small beach of sand at the bottom of the bag, that race number still attached to our race belt from the final race of the season… sound familiar?

Here are a few things to check off your “to-do” list to be more prepared rolling up to your first race of the season… Read more

Spencer Summerfield – What’s on tap for 2016

With one duathlon already in the books (Iron Hawk) that means the start of the 2016 MultiSport Canada Duathlon/Triathlon Recharge With Milk Series is just weeks away. Read more

Why I Race Local?

Miranda Tomenson winning the 2015 Toronto Island Sprint Triathlon.

Miranda Tomenson is one of our new members of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team. On a recent post on her blog, she writes about why she chooses to race local. We’ve included that post below and invite you to read this insightful article. Read more

2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Revealed


We had and unprecedented amount of applicants to the 2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, as a result, this year’s team will be our biggest and best ever.

More details about the team and it’s members will be released soon but here is some social media buzz from a few members of the team as they were informed about their selection:

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Daryl Flacks at the Cloudsplitter 100

Daryl Flacks (Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Member) on the run course at the 2015 Niagara Falls Barrelman.

It was Saturday, June 23rd, 2012; I had just finished the Niagara Ultra 100 km. The clock displayed a time of 9:54:05 and a hard earned 3rd place finish. My wife Dianne, having just completed her first half marathon knew the drill – guide me to somewhere to sit before I collapse. Certain I had just completed what would be the longest running event this body would ever endure, I assured Dianne – “I’ll never do a 100 miler! I couldn’t imagine having to run another 38 miles. It’s one thing to finish a race by 4:00 pm but running through the night, sleep deprivation…that’s a whole different story. I have no interest in doing a 100 miler, it just sounds ridiculous!” Dianne agreed and supported my decision 100% and life went on as we knew it…

Ultra running for me all started with the Haliburton Forest Trail Race – 50 Miler. It was Saturday, September 12th, 2009; I remember the event like it was yesterday. From the “unique” participants to the bagpipes as runners congregated behind a line scraped in the dirt…this was definitely cool! I crossed the finish line on that particular day in 9:49:49 and a satisfying 14th overall. Dianne relived my experience as I described my ignorance surrounding “Ultra Running.” The pain was like nothing I experienced before and I assured her – “I’ll never do that again!”

November 23rd, 2013 and the completion of my 9th “Ultra” – JFK 50 Mile Memorial (the oldest continuously run ultra marathon in the United States). One could say there’s something about running endurance events that has a certain allure to it. Ask me what that something is and I have no idea. Ask me if I’d ever do a 100 miler and the answer was most certainly “No”. Yet, on October 3rd, 2015 I towed the line at Cloudsplitter 100 and I think I found the answer. It’s a race that has forever changed my outlook on life and solidified my belief that “anything is possible.” Read more

K-Town Post-Race Report 2015

Quick link – Get the full K-Town Race Results


Local Presenting Sponsor

We would like to thank our Local Presenting Sponsor Burkom, LeBlanc & Wilcox Investment Advisers for their support. Please also visit their website for details on their products, services and the work they do with athletes. We have them to thank for these great finisher medals.

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Amino Acid and Protein for Sport Performance – Not Just for Bodybuilders


Lionel Sanders – 2014 Barrelman Champion and member of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

There is little doubt that hard training athletes have significantly higher protein requirements than the general population. Getting adequate amounts of quality protein throughout the day ensures that you are getting those needed amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and keep your immune system healthy.

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Cody Beals signs with 3SIXTY5 Cycling

Cody Beals, a member of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, will be faster in 2015 thanks to 3SIXTY5 Cycling coming on board to support Cody as his wheel sponsor.

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