Spencer Summerfield: My Summer Recap – The Good & The Bad

This recap has been a log time coming and with my down time from training I now have some free time to write this. This past summer was the busiest to date I raced 10 duathlons, 2 running races, battled small injuries, hormone problems, my daughter was born and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. All this happened in such a short period of time that it has felt like a very long season.

My season started with a 10k road race to test my winter training and it was anything but fantastic. This was April and I had a bonk in my training in March. It was around this time my bodies hormones were so screwed up I was barely hanging on. After the 10k it was Iron Hawk Duathlon which annually I race as my season opener. This race also did not reflect all the hard training I had done all winter and I started to have heart rate issues as I battled running and cycling while on beta blockers (suppress heart beat).

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