3 Indoor Trainer Power Workouts to Improve Your Cycling

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam There will be few power meters on wish lists this Christmas! Power meters are a serious investment on top of all the other gadgets and devices you want and need for triathlon training. However, paired with your heart rate data they provide some of the most accurate and useful information […]

Keeping Fit over the Holidays

By LifeSport Coach Louis Therien           The holiday season is almost upon us and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a little downtime from the active lifestyle we, as dedicated athletes, are accustomed to. The festive season can provide us with the opportunity to recharge our batteries by spending quality time […]

Turn the training “on” in the “off” season

          By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam The cold weather is getting closer and Kona has come and gone so for most Canadian triathletes the 2014 racing season has come to a close and we are entering what most people refer to as the “off” season. While a good rest is more […]

Creating the Perfect Plan for Performance

How Coaching Works to Help You Achieve More The race season is quickly drawing to an end for the majority of us and our thoughts are already focused on the upcoming year! Figuring out what to improve, setting goals, registering for races and the strong desire to achieve our maximum potential and more, consume our […]

Hindsight is 20/20: Reflecting on Your Season

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam The 2014 race season is coming to a close, unless you’ve qualified for Kona (in which case, congrats, and come back to this article in a few months!). First of all you deserve some rest! Taking some down time also gives you space to reflect on how your season went, […]

10 Tips For A Faster Transition

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam Often referred to as the fourth discipline of a triathlon, the transition is an important part of your success on race day. Learning to master it will have you shaving off time and will build your confidence come race day. Many triathletes find transitions a bit nerve wracking so getting […]