Creating the Perfect Plan for Performance

How Coaching Works to Help You Achieve More

The race season is quickly drawing to an end for the majority of us and our thoughts are already focused on the upcoming year! Figuring out what to improve, setting goals, registering for races and the strong desire to achieve our maximum potential and more, consume our thoughts.

Questions like: What do I need to improve for next year and how? What should I change? What races and format is best for me? How do I make things work with my current lifestyle and responsibilities? These are all normal questions for Triathletes once they have had the opportunity to reflect on their past season or even for those aspiring to complete their first race. All of these questions can be answered and supported by Lifesport Coaching. One of the many goals of LifeSport Coaching is to offer individualized programs to meet your needs in accordance with your current lifestyle.

There are many benefits to working with a Lifesport coach:

  • Structured and individualized detailed programs to meet your needs to maximize your performance based on your availibility.
  • Feedback and support.
  • A wealth of experience and knowledge to share.
  • The motivation required to help you meet your goals.
  • A certain level of accountability.
  • Teach you how to become a complete athlete by focusing on how you train, race and recover.
  • Provide technical and analytical advice.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses while providing an objective viewpoint.

In addition to the above, another advantage of having a Lifesport Coach is being able to stay in contact with someone who has been in the trenches before. Coaches/Triathletes who have experienced the highs of personal bests and the lows of not being as prepared as one should/could be on race day. Unlike other sports where people seem to have an opinion on how to compete, emotions experienced by Triathletes during training or a race can only be conveyed by someone who has the experience and the passion to compete.

LTLifeSport coach Louis Therien resides in the Ontario/Quebec area.

He enjoys coaching all levels of triathletes from the first timer to the more experienced Ironman.

If you’re looking for that extra edge to meet and surpass your athletic goals, contact Louis and LifeSport here.