How Unorthodox Training, Dieting and Nutritional consumption helped Mark Lawrence

I began 2016 with a fire burning inside me, to address my physical weaknesses, train harder, ride faster and set myself up with the right equipment to give myself the best competitive advantage that I could. The last 4 and a half months have been the most challenging of my life, full of ups, downs, […]

Billy Bostad is Racing Local

Billy Bostad, a member of the 2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team and recently posted an update about his winter training and racing, and we’ve included this section here as he highlights his involvement with the Team and his desire to #racelocal. This post has been longer than I was expecting, so if you made it […]

Training for an Ultra-Marathon

By Daryl Flacks, Member of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Indiana Trail 50 – April 30, 2016. What will it take to be successful? What are my goals? With just 5 weeks remaining, each run brings with it a self-evaluation of sorts. How difficult were the miles? Was the pace comfortable or taxing? Too fast, […]

2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Revealed

We had and unprecedented amount of applicants to the 2016 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, as a result, this year’s team will be our biggest and best ever. More details about the team and it’s members will be released soon but here is some social media buzz from a few members of the team as they […]