Gravenhurst Post-Race Report 2016

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Gravenhurst hosts the Ontario Duathlon Championships

The Sold Out Status continues for the Olympic and Sprint Triathlons 

We had another full and exciting weekend of racing at #MSCGravenhurst. The Muskoka Steamship swim start leads to the triathlons being sold out year after year, so if you are already contemplating a return next year, make sure to register early. We typically release the new season schedule in November and open registration soon afterwards.

We were blessed with the opportunity to once again host Triathlon Ontario’s International and Sprint Duathlon Provincial Championships along with the Du the Double Challenge. With National Team qualifying spots up for grabs on Saturday, a cool morning quickly led to some heated racing for those berths.

Thanks to Local Presenting Sponsors

Thanks goes to  IDA Gravenhurst & Ontario Trysport for their support during the weekend.



Saturday July 16, 2016 – Ontario International Duathlon Championships & The Olympic Triathlon

In the International/Standard Distance Duathlon (10km Run, 40km Bike, 5km Run), Waterloo’s Sean Delanghe and Orillia’s Jasmin Aggarwal both came from behind to take the overall victories and the title of Ontario Champions. With wins on Sunday, both could also claim the $500 prize in the Du the Double Challenge.

Gravenhurst International Duathlon – Top 5 Women and Men

Gravenhurst International Duathlon 2016 (10km Run, 40km Bike, 5km Run) – Top 5 Men

Triathlon Ontario International Distance Duathlon Provincial Championship

  1. Sean Delanghe M30-34 1:59:05
  2. Matt Straatman M20-24 2:00:02
  3. Andrew McLeod M40-44 2:02:15
  4. Garvin Moses M30-34 2:02:30
  5. Spencer Summerfield M30-34 2:03:14

Gravenhurst International Duathlon 2016 (10km Run, 40km Bike, 5km Run) – Top 5 Women

Triathlon Ontario International Distance Duathlon Provincial Championship

  1. Jasmin Aggarwal W20-24 2:15:47
  2. Jessica Kuepfer W25-29 2:17:01
  3. Leslie McArthur W40-44 2:19:35
  4. Naomi Lynne Wolfson W30-34 2:21:01
  5. Courtney Milligan W20-24 2:21:09

Jackson Laundry and Andrew Bolton leading all athletes out of the water.

Guelph’s Jackson Laundry overcame a bike crash, a two minute deficit at the start of the 10 km run to capture his third victory in a row in the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series presented by Skechers Performance. Whitby’s Stephanie Summers finally took the overall win in the Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon, after finishing second in 2015, and 2014.

Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon – Top 5 Women and Men

Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon 2016 (1.5km Run, 40km Bike, 10km Run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Jackson Laundry PRO/EAG 1:58:15
  2. Andrew Bolton PRO/EAG 1:59:57
  3. Billy Bostad PRO/EAG 2:08:59
  4. Scott Hill M20-24 2:09:35
  5. Matt Wood M35-39 2:13:59

Gravenhurst Olympic Triathlon 2016 (1.5km Run, 40km Bike, 10km Run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Stephanie Summers W40-44 2:26:24
  2. Mamiko Noguchi W25-29 2:28:55
  3. Rebecca Dolson W30-34 2:30:10
  4. Kim Osborne Rodriguez PRO/EAG 2:32:21
  5. Helen Rattee W40-44 2:32:37

Relay Winners

Olympic Triathlon Relay – Team Beach Bums

International Duathlon Relay – Team Bananaramajam

Triathlon Magazine Canada Race Recap

Information for Duathletes


Click here for information on Provincials, Qualification Spots & the Du the Double Challenge.

Sunday July 17, 2016 – Ontario Sprint Duathlon Championships & Give-It-A-Tri / Sprint Triathlons

Day two of the kicked off with the Give-It-A-Tri. Mike Kotuk of Trenton and Tanis Feasby of Toronto took the overall wins. Tanis was also a first time triathlete, so how cool was that. Winning a race the first time out. Congratulations Tanis!

Gravenhurst Give-It-A-Tri Top 5 Women & Men

Gravenhurst Give-It-A-Tri 2016 (400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Mike Kotuk M35-39 38:44
  2. Tosh Aggarwal M19- 39:11
  3. Jack Ciotlos M19- 39:49
  4. Samuel Harterre M19- 41:38
  5. Connor Ciotlos M19- 42:24

Gravenhurst Give-It-A-Tri 2016 (400m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Tanis Feasby W40-44 43:49
  2. Madison Murray W19- 44:22
  3. Shannon Bardin W19- 44:46
  4. Angela Gervase W40-44 45:29
  5. Dona Andela W50-54 46:44

Then it was on to the Triathlon Ontario’s Sprint Duathlon Provincial Championships. This time Matt Straatman improved his second place position from Saturday to take the win over Sean Delanghe. With the win, Straatman and Delanghe will share the $500 prize from Triathlon Ontario’s Du the Double Challenge. Jasmin Aggarwal dominated the women’s race to claim the title of Ontario Sprint Duathlon Champion, along with Du the Double Challenge for the second year in a row, giving her sole possession of the $500 prize.

Gravenhurst Sprint Duathlon – Top 5 Women & Men

Gravenhurst Sprint Duathlon 2016 (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Men

Triathlon Ontario Sprint Duathlon Provincial Championship

  1. Matt Straatman M20-24 59:28
  2. Sean Delanghe M30-34 59:40
  3. Brian Moore M19- 1:00:59
  4. Garvin Moses M30-34 1:01:54
  5. Spencer Summerfield M30-34 1:02:40

Gravenhurst Sprint Duathlon 2016 (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Women

Triathlon Ontario Sprint Duathlon Provincial Championship

  1. Jasmin Aggarwal W20-24 1:09:01
  2. Karen Bravo W20-24 1:13:15
  3. Kathryn Sherwood W40-44 1:13:22
  4. Lindsay Miller W30-34 1:13:36
  5. Karri Beck W45-49 1:14:16

Hamilton’s Nathan Nicholls and North Bay’s Amanda Yates took overall victories in the Sprint Triathlon.

Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon – Top 5 Women & Men

Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon 2016 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Women

  1. Amanda Yates W40-44 1:16:46
  2. Jordie Seaton W40-44 1:17:03
  3. Anna Lawson W35-39 1:18:56
  4. Kathryn Sullivan W50-54 1:19:03
  5. Eric Carpenter W35-39 1:21:06

Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon 2016 (750m swim, 20km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Men

  1. Nathan Nicholls M25-29 1:07:54
  2. Brad Reiter M35-39 1:08:03
  3. Bard Allen M35-39 1:08:15
  4. Logan Hunt M19- 1:09:35
  5. Jared Merkley M19- 1:10:08

Swim/Bike Winners

Give-It-A-Tri Swim/Bike – Donna Quick

Relay Winners

Sprint Duathlon Relay – Team The Cassmans (Kahshe Lake Runners)

Sprint Triathlon Relay – Team Up Yer Kilt Whiskey

Give-It-A-Tri Relay – Team Splash, Flash, and Dash

Not ready for doing all three or two sports for yourself? Get your friends or family together to participate as a Relay Team. It will be a fun day for all.

Congratulations to all of our First Timers! Welcome to the Triathlon Family!

Welcome and Congratulations to all First Timers. We hope to see you again soon.

Welcome Back Bob Wild!

After a three year absence, the ageless Bob Wild, 84, returned to compete in the International Duathlon. Check out the video below to see his finish, along with another inspirational athlete, Janis Milliken a 64 year old cancer survivor. Both won their respective age groups on Saturday.

Recharge With Milk & The Ambassador Team

Make sure to stop by the Recharge With Milk Recovery Zone to get your post-race Chocolate Milk, swag, recover, to have to fun with your fellow racers, and to ask our Recharge With Milk Ambassador Athletes any questions that you might have.

A Chat with Daryl Flacks – One of the members of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team

Please read this thoughtful and important article on Depression by Daryl.

Recharge With Milk Racer of the Day


Congratulations to Jennifer Knowles and Jessica Keupfer on being the Recharge With Milk Racers of the Day for Gravenhurst. Both won a free entries to this race, Chocolate Milk for a month and a Recharge With Milk Swag Bag!

Jessica Keupfer athletic journey takes her to many astounding places. She shares her passion for healthy living and self confidence by volunteering @fastandfemale, through @CanadianRunningMagazine

Jennifer Knowles has been a runner for 50 years and a triathlete for 10. Chocolate milk is essential to her post workout recovery because she knows what it takes to be at her best.

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Mentholatum Fastest Triathletes of the Day

Jackson Laundry, Stephanie Summers, Amanda Yates and Nathan Nicholls took home Metholatum Prize Packs as the Fastest Male and Female Triathletes of the Day.

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