Kids of Steel Rules

The KOS series is offered to those as young as 3 years old an opportunity to participate in Multisport events. The focus is on fun and safe participation to the finish, rather than competition.

KOS 3-5 year olds can have parents shadow them on the course. 

KOS 6-7 year olds will have volunteers helping on the course, no parents are allowed. 

KOS 11 years old and under have the option to wear a lifejacket.

KOS 12 years old and up will swim in deeper water similar to an adult Triathlon

For information on participants aged 12 and over please visit Triathlon Ontario

Course Maps

Here are course maps for KOS events in Barrie and Lakeside

Athletes, parents, coaches, and officials are urged to review these rules prior to the beginning of the season.

  1. All participants must wear approved helmets on the bicycle course.
  2. Chinstraps must be fastened before removing the bike from the bike rack. Chinstraps must remain fastened until the bike has been returned to the bike rack.
  3. Participants must rack their bikes in their original position in the transition area.
  4. Torsos must be covered during the bike and run.
  5. Drafting another participant or motor vehicle is prohibited on the bike course. The draft zone surrounding each participant measures from the front edge of the front wheel. Participants have 15 seconds to pass through this zone when overtaking another athlete.
  6. Participants and parents must conform to the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  7. Parental assistance is not permitted on the race course or in the transition area once the race has begun. Any outside assistance may result in immediate disqualification.
  8. The Officials may disqualify a participant who is in direct violation of the rules.
  9. Athletes are not permitted to race up an age category.
  10. All participants must belong to Triathlon Ontario or purchase a One Day Fee.

For Kids of Steel Events, the One Day Triathlon Ontario Fees are as follows:


3-5 – $2.00

6-7 – $2.00

8-9 – $6.00

10-11 – $6.00

12-14 – $6.00

For more details, please visit the Triathlon Ontario website.