Please also see the Triathlon Ontario website.

Athletes, parents, coaches and officials are urged to review rules prior to the beginning of the season.

Kids of Steel Rules

OAT rules will be strongly enforced.
i. Pedals – all athletes may use clipless pedal systems however athletes under 14 must use mountain bike pedals NOT LOOK- type pedal systems
ii. Cycling shoes – athletes under 14 must wear “mountain bike-type” cycling shoes with a recessed cleat.
iii. “CAGES” are not permitted EVER! This is a safety issue.

  1. All participants must wear approved helmets on the bicycle course.
  2. Chinstraps must be fastened before removing the bike from the bike rack. Chinstraps must remain fastened until the bike has been returned to the bike rack.
  3. Participants must rack their bikes in its original position in the transition area.
  4. Torsos must be covered during the bike and run.
  5. Drafting on the bike course is not permitted.
  6. Participants and parents must conform to the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  7. Parental assistance is not permitted on the race course or in the transition area once the race has begun. Any outside assistance may result in immediate disqualification.
  8. The Officials may disqualify a participant who is in direct violation of the rules.
  9. Athletes are not permitted to race up an age category.
  10. All participants must belong to a Provincial Governing Body, or must purchase a One Day Membership at a cost as levied by the Provincial Governing Body.

All participants will adhere to the equipment regulations approved by the Provincial Governing Body which are specific to their age category.


OAT officials will be enforcing the equipment rules as follows. These adaptations impact on provincially sanctioned races in Ontario ONLY.

Please note: there are some small variations from TriCan rules. Variations are highlighted.

  1. Pedals
  • Cages will not be allowed at any age
  • Clipless pedals will be allowed at any age provided the following conditions are met:

i. Only SPD’s will be allowed for athletes under the age of 14. The cleats must be recessed in the tread to allow the athlete to walk without slipping. Pedals need not be double sided.

ii. Athletes 14 or older may use “Look-type” pedals and shoes

  1. Spokes
  • Minimum number is now 16
  1. Wheels
  • 14 and older – Adopt UCI rules for mass start races with the further restriction of a maximum rim depth of 60mm (Zipp 404’s are 58mm)
  • Maximum rim depth for athletes under the age of 14 is 25mm
  1. Aerobars
  • In draft legal situations – only “draft legal” Aerobars will be allowed ie may not extend beyond the brake levers
  • Must be bridged
  • In non-drafting situations – either type of aerobar will be permitted in Ontario.


  1. no change at this time however expect changes in 2009 as Triathlon Canada moves to shorter bike distances in favour of longer swim and run distances.

Competition Structure:

Ontario Cup race series

  1. 2 races only – Provincial championships and Ontario Games **** after consulting with Triathlon Canada there will be no Eastern Regional Championship
  2. At each race, medals will be awarded for the top three athletes in the 14-15 category. Aged is determined as of December 31, 2008
  3. Awards will be for athletes ages 14-15 as of December 31, 2008 only
  4. additional prizes will be presented at the Ontario Games. 

Athletes 12-13

a. No points, series standings or series awards

b. No provincial or regional championships (this is unique to Ontario at this time but is in line with Triathlon Canada’s LTAD