Hello athletes! We know running, cycling and swimming can be tough sports on their own and when combined together they may seem intimidating, that is why Paolina Allan, coach and athlete, has crafted a 12-week training program for MultiSport Canada athletes to follow to get you ready and confident to tackle any obstacle that may come your way.

Today marks the first of many release dates of our 12-week program which has been created to train the ‘beginner’ for their first triathlon, it is still however a great schedule that can be modified to suit everyone. The activities given are not focused around data i.e., distance and heart rate, but instead around listening to your body and finding a pace and rhythm comfortable to you so that when race day comes you will have all the tools ready to perform your absolute best.

Tips to make the most out of the next 12 weeks:


  • Grab a buddy! Riding with someone can make the exercise more enjoyable as well makes the activity safer for everyone as you both have someone there to watch your back
  • Practice what you will be doing on your bike when the actual race day comes i.e., drinking from your water bottle while riding, refueling with a snack while riding, getting on and off of your bike


  • Make sure you are running in proper running shoes before race day so that you are wearing the right equipment as well to give yourself enough time to break them in
  • The 12-week program starts you running on the very first day, if this is too soon, modify your workout as suggested in the plan i.e., walk the distance or try interval running (1 min running/1 min walking)


  • Once the weather gets warmer start doing your swims in a lake if you have the opportunity. This is what you will be doing race day so now is the perfect time to get comfortable with distance swimming in open water
  • Just like cycling, it is best to perform this activity with a buddy
  • If possible take swim lessons to learn new movements and more tips on how to pace yourself and go the distance. The workouts start slow but get longer in distance in the last few weeks

Remember, this 12-week program is meant to be fun and engaging for everyone, so get your friends, your mothers and your daughters to try these new workouts with you and watch as you get stronger and better every day!

For any questions about the 12-week training program contact Paolina Allan at paolinaallan@me.com

12 Week Training Program