Not All Fat is Bad Fat!



At one point or another someone has been told how awful ‘fat’ is. Someone is told how it is directly linked to obesity. We caught up with Canadian Klean Athlete Jeff Symonds who shared his insights on eating fat. Here is what Jeff has to share:

“Fat has gained a terrible reputation in our society.  Yes, too much deep fried chicken is bad but we shouldn’t avoid all types of fat.  Fat is an essential part of our diet and, among other benefits, is required to dissolve certain vitamins.  Do not try and avoid fat, rather make sure you are eating good fats.  Fat from avocados’, olives, seeds, fish and others are all great for improving our physical and mental well-being.

The type of fat that most modern diets are low in is Omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 is especially beneficial to the heart and a good heart happens to be especially beneficial to endurance performance.  Studies also show that it may support lung function and oxygen delivery to the body.  Omega 3 can be found in plant based sources like flaxseeds and Chia seeds, however the Omega 3 found in fish and seafood is more easily converted and used by our bodies.  If you are not eating a lot of fish, it’s a great idea to take an Omega 3 supplement like Klean Omega.”

Jeff Symonds – 2013 Challenge Penticton Champion

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