Finding Time When You Need More!


By Tim Doris

If you are like me you have just finished your season of racing. Have already set up your designated workout area in your home. You have gone over your race results with a fine tooth comb looking at your race splits, transition times and of course where you placed in relation to others in your age group.

Now the fun begins you sit down and begin to piece together your workout schedule for the winter. For me as a duathlete, in an ideal world, I would like to during the winter months be able to work out 6 days a week taking 1 day off for my body to recover. On those 6 days I would like to put in 5 run sessions, 3 ride sessions, 2 strength training sessions, 2 sessions of yoga and 6 sessions of stretching.  No Problem!

Then I look at the monthly calendar in the front hall of our house and realize that with my children’s extra-curricular activities, my wifes busy work schedule and other daily surprises, like illness or forgotten appointments it will be a daunting task to get all my workouts in.  Below are the ways that over the past 10 years I have been able to keep a fairly stable base of training life is too short for me to stress about a workout, so I make due with the time that I have.

When picking my races for the upcoming year, I usually begin to look at my season now very loosely selecting races that I would like to participate in. None of my races go onto the home calendar in pen in the house until it has been discussed between my wife and myself. Knowing that January to April are the busiest months at our house I try to avoid any races during this period so as there are no added stresses to an already busy time.

I have learned to use my time wisely. During the week, I keep multiple changes of running gear at work so that I can run during my lunch time. I eat during my breaks and also change so that when lunchtime comes around I can be out the door and ready to start my run.

On the weekends if I am going for an early morning run I make sure that I have my running gear set out the night before, my breakfast is set out ready on the kitchen table so I can wake up, eat and be out the door instead of wasting time trying to think of what to eat and fumbling around looking for it. My daughter is a competitive dancer so on the weekends of dance competitions or extra late rehearsals, I always have a spare change of clothes packed and left in the car just in case I can sneak in a run. All my workouts are never more than 90 minutes from start to finish.

Double up on workouts whenever I can. Two morning a week I teach spin classes at the local YMCA so on those days, I add a light run during my lunchtime usually aiming for 40-50 minutes at a light to moderate pace which still gives me time to get back stretch and be changed before the afternoon bell goes.

Finally the biggest lessons I have learned are that it’s okay to miss a workout, I listen to my  body to avoid injuries, get enough sleep, and if you are not having fun training then change it up. Good luck with your winter training and looking forward to seeing you at an MSC race in 2020.