Bracebridge Post-Race Report 2015

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Series Announcer Steve Fleck, leading the Barrelman chant.

Duathletes showcased at Bracebridge, Triathletes get a Time Trial Start

Thanks to all of you for supporting our Series and the fourth stop of the 2015 Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series. Bracebridge featured the 2015 Ontario Provincial Duathlon Championships. With the Sprint Duathlon on Saturday, followed by the International Distance Duathlon on Sunday. Triathlon Ontario even put up $1000 ($500 each for the winning male and female) for the  “Du-the-Double” Duathlon Challenge. The triathlons offered the Time Trial start, where you needed to put the pedal to the metal from the start to the finish.

Lining up for the Time Trial start.

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Saturday August 8, 2015

Saturday August 8, 2015 – Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Championship Day

Just about to start the Ontario Sprint Duathlon Championship.

Facing off against many of the top Duathletes in Canada, eighteen year old Brian Moore of Bracebridge showed that he’s one to watch for the future, with a stellar performance right in his backyard. Trailing after the first run to Kyle Smith (who ran 16:43), the junior elite cyclist used his prowess in that department to charge into the lead with a 31:37 ride. This gave him a 1:31 cushion over Mississauga’s Larry Bradley and Lucan’s Matt Straatman heading into the final run. From there, he hung on for the victory and the Men’s Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Champion title in 1:01:54.

Brian Moore setting out to do what he does best…..ride that bike.

Campbellville’s Liam Donnelly chased down Bradley and Straatman to take second, while Straatman managed to stay ahead of Bradley for third.

Bracebridge Sprint Duathlon (5km Run – 20km Bike – 2.5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Brian Moore (Bracebridge, ON) 1:01:54

2. Liam Donnelly (Campbellville, ON) 1:02:36

3. Matt Straatman (Lucan, ON) 1:02:59

4. Larry Bradley (Mississauga, ON) 1:03:11

5. Linden Head (Ottawa, ON) 1:03:58

Orillia’s Jasmin Aggarwal opened with a 21:13 run to take a 47 second lead over Mississauga’s Haley Tyers heading into the 20km ride. Aggarwal’s 37:51 bike ride allowed her to pad her lead and the started the final 2.5 km run with a 1:34 lead over Barrie’s Karen Ugarte Bravo. Aggarwal’s lead was too large for anyone to touch and without too much pressure from behind, she claimed the Women’s Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Champion title in 1:11:34.

Jasmin Aggarwal wins the title of Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Women’s Champion.

With the fastest second run of the day, Tyers passed Ugarte Bravo to take second, relegating Ugarte Bravo to third.

Bracebridge Sprint Duathlon (5km Run – 20km Bike – 2.5km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Jasmin Aggarwal (Orillia, ON) 1:11:34

2. Haley Tyers (Mississauga, ON) 1:13:14

3. Karen Ugarte Bravo (Barrie, ON) 1:13:20

4. Anna Fiorito (Amherstburg, ON) 1:14:40

5. Annie Maly (Oakville, ON) 1:16:50

Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Championship – Top 5 Men & Women Overall

Milton’s Brandon Habermehl posted the fastest bike (32:02) and run (19:18) to take the overall victory.

Brandon Habermehl heads out for his race best ride.

Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon (750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Brandon Habermehl (Milton, ON) 1:04:14

2. Ruston Martin (Toronto, ON) 1:06:11

3. Peter MacIntyre (Waterloo, ON) 1:08:13

4. John Pulford (London, ON) 1:08:37

5. Andrew Archibald (Ottawa, ON) 1:09:26

Just like in the men’s race. Toronto’s Michelle Pearlman used the fastest bike (35:32) and run (20:47) times to secure the women’s victory.

Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon (750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Michelle Pearlman (Toronto, ON) 1:11:25

2. Elise Bolger (Waterdown, ON) 1:13:01

3. Amanda Switzer (London, ON) 1:14:21

4. Phaedra Kennedy (Toronto, ON) 1:14:54

5. Janet Manley (Toronto, ON) 1:15:26

Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon – Top 5 Men & Women Overall

With the fastest ride of the day (15:30), Toronto’s Scott Knowles took the win in the men’s race, while Truro’s Cali Bruce zipped through the swim (5:45) and stayed in front the rest of the way to win the women’s race.

Bracebridge GIT – Top 5 Women & Men Overall

Bracebridge Give-It-A-Tri (400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Scott Knowles (Toronto, ON) 35:10

2. Logan Hunt (King City, ON) 36:13

3. Jack Ciotlos (Toronto, ON) 37:17

4. Zac Pinheiro (Baysville, ON) 37:44

5. Michael Parker (Oakville, ON) 38:10

Bracebridge Give-It-A-Tri (400m Swim – 10km Bike – 2.5km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Cali Bruce (Truro, NS) 40:19

2. Elizabeth Stewart (Guelph, ON) 41:29

3. Shannon Bardin (Burlington, ON) 42:14

4. Nicole Birrell (Fenwick, ON) 42:37

5. Faith Caswell (Toronto, ON) 43:08

Some of our Bracebridge Sprint Swim/Bike winners

Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon Relay Winners

Sunday August 9, 2015

Sunday August 9, 2015 – Ontario Provincial International Distance Duathlon Championship Day

The start of the 2015 Ontario Provincial International Duathlon Championship

On day two of the Ontario Provincial Duathlon Championship, this time featuring the International Distance Duathlon, it was the Brian Moore show once again.

New York’s William Downing led the first 10 km run in 37:06, with Moore 53 seconds behind. However, in a repeat of his Sprint Duathlon performance, Moore tore through the 42 km bike course (the route was extended 2 km due to poor road conditions in the previous route) in a race best 1:04:44. With a 1:51 lead in hand, more completed the final 5 km run in 21:23 to finish in 2:05:42 and become the Ontario Provincial International Distance Duathlon Men’s Champion. Moore also took home $500 for winning Triathlon Ontario’s “Du-the-Double” Duathlon Challenge.

Bracebridge’s Brian Moore with his second win of the weekend.

Third in previous day’s Sprint Duathlon Championship, Lucan’s Matt Straatman rode himself into second (2:06:39), and Mississauga’s Larry Bradley represented the Masters duathletes well by placing third (2:07:31) after finishing fourth in Sprint Duathlon Championship.

Bracebridge International Duathlon (10km Run – 42km Bike – 5km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Brian Moore (Bracebridge, ON) 2:05:42

2. Matt Straatman (Lucan, ON) 2:06:39

3. Larry Bradley (Mississauga, ON) 2:07:31

4. Brendan Howard (Toronto, ON) 2:08:57

5. William Downing (New York, USA) 2:09:28

Mississauga’s Tammy Purdy led from start to finish to claim the title of Ontario Provincial International Distance Duathlon Women’s Champion. Purdy had race best splits in the opening 10 km run (41:01), the 42 km bike (1:18:19), and the final 5 km run (21:26) to finish in 2:22:48.

Tammy Purdy crosses the finish line to claim the title of the Ontario Provincial International Distance Duathlon Women’s Champion.

Jasmin Aggarwal of Orillia, the winner of yesterday’s Sprint Duathlon which won her the title of Ontario Provincial Sprint Duathlon Women’s Champion, finished second in 2:28:58, and the ageless Paula Lockyer, a member of the York University Hall of Fame for the sport of basketball, rounded out the podium in third (2:30:35). With her second place finish, Aggarwal claimed $500 in Triathlon Ontario’s “Du-the-Double” Duathlon Challenge.

Bracebridge International Duathlon (10km Run – 42km Bike – 5km Run)- Top 5 Women

1. Tammy Purdy (Mississauga, ON) 2:22:48

2. Jasmin Aggarwal (Orillia, ON) 2:28:58

3. Paula Lockyer (Meaford, ON) 2:30:35

4. Meggan Franks (Athabasca, ON) 2:31:23

5. Karen Ugarte Bravo (Barrie, ON) 2:33:18

Ontario Provincial International Distance Duathlon Championship – Top 5 Women & Men Overall

Featuring time trial start in the Muskoka River, with racers leaving every 5 seconds (15 seconds for the elites), with bib number one, Kitchener’s Alex VanderLinden went off first as the carrot for the rest of the field to chase. Thanks to a race best bike (1:03:59) and run (36:37) held everyone off for the win in 2:02:07, his second in a row after winning last week at the K-Town Triathlon.

Alex VanderLinden with the Olympic Triathlon Men’s victory.

Toronto’s Mikael Staer Nathan posted the second best run of 38:18 to take second (2:05:41), and Caledon’s Sean Bechtel had the top swim of the day (19:26) and finished third (2:07:45).

Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon (1.5km Swim – 42km Bike – 10km Run) – Top 5 Men

1. Alexander VanderLinden (Kitchener, ON) 2:02:07

2. Mikael Staer Nathan (Toronto, ON) 2:05:41

3. Sean Bechtel (Caledon, ON) 2:07:45

4. Nigel Roedde (Hamilton, ON) 2:11:54

5. Mat Reid (Burlington, ON) 2:16:42

Newmarket’s Kristen Marchant, the reigning Niagara Falls Barrelman Champion, dominated the women’s race and looks in fine form heading into the upcoming Ironman 70.3 Timberman. After coming out of the water together with Kitchener’s Angela Quick (who swam a race best 20:27), Marchant ramped up the pace on the bike (1:09:46), and added the top run of 43:27 to win in 2:15:41.

Kristen Marchant with the Women’s victory in the Olympic Triathlon.

Quick took second (2:23:22), and Powassan’s Jennifer Piper followed next in third (2:24:21).

Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon (1.5km Swim – 42km Bike – 10km Run) – Top 5 Women

1. Kristen Marchant (Newmarket, ON) 2:15:41

2. Angela Quick (Kitchener, ON) 2:23:22

3. Jennifer Piper (Powassan, ON) 2:24:21

4. Stephanie Summers (Whitby, ON) 2:29:29

5. Sayaka Tiessen (Toronto, ON) 2:33:33

Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon – Top 5 Women & Men Overall

Bracebridge Olympic Swim/Bike – 39 and under Winners

Bracebridge Olympic Swim/Bike – 40+ Winners

Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon Relay Winners

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Athlete Race Reports

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And what a beautiful Sunday morning it was.

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Scott Knowles (far right), had time to celebrate his win in the Give-It-A-Tri.

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