What Can You Expect to See On Course in Welland?


The F2C Race Trio – HydraDurance, GlycoDurance and Rehab 3:1 will be on course to provide your hydration, electrolyte, race fuel and recovery needs.

HydraDurance Lemon Lime will be served in F2C cups on the run course at all the events in Welland including the Sprint, Give-It-A-Tri, Long Course.  It is a lightly flavoured hydration beverage with a scientifically developed electrolyte blend.  With no artificial colours or preservatives this ultra-low osmolarity drink is quickly and easily absorbed.  Each 6 oz cup of HydraDurance is 30 calories.

GlycoDurance Mango will be the featured race fuel on the bike course of the Welland Long Course, Swim Bike, Bike Run and Relay.  This all natural race fuel is carbohydrate based using the same scientifically developed electrolyte blend in the HydraDurance.  When calculating out your nutrition on the bike please keep in mind that 25oz waterbottles filled with Mango GlycoDurance will have 200 calories per bottle.

Rehab 3:1 Chocolate and Vanilla will be waiting for you when you cross the finish line!  The optimum three to one ratio of carbohydrates to protein, this recovery beverage uses the same carbohydrate that is in GlycoDurance plus a blend of 5 different proteins and an organic coconut oil.  With the lactose removed from this drink and digestive enzymes added this beverage is great for post race recovery.  Each 7oz cup is 250 calories.

Don’t do whey?  Not a problem, just ask for F2C VeganPure  in the recovery area.  It will be on hand for those who have allergies or are plant based athletes and we will mix you up a vegan recovery shake!