Triathlon Ontario: Insurance, Shopping & Indoor Championships


Demystifying Insurance

Race Insurance
You probably hear all the time in various walks of life about the need for insurance, but very few actually know what that means. In order for a race to get a permit from the local municipality a race director must seek out liability insurance that protects the race venue owners. At many unsanctioned races, the only other additional insurance protection that is sought is for the race directors and their staff, leaving athletes unprotected. When a race is deemed a Triathlon Ontario sanctioned race the race director has successfully gone through the process of submitting detailed paperwork and maps to ensure the race is safe and fair for everyone. Our $5 million liability insurance policy then covers not only the venue, race director and staff, but also every athlete that is participating in the event. Triathlon Ontario members also get an added benefit of also being covered under our $50 thousand sport accident policy (increase from $20K this year). For more details of the coverage please see here. These same two policies are also available for clubs that sanction their clubs and workouts with us.

New For 2015!
Individual Athlete Insurance
A new member benefit for this year is our new Individual Athlete Insurance. For just an extra $10 on top of membership you can have our Liability and Sport Accident policies extended to your triathlon training 24 hours a day 7 days a week, worldwide coverage. We are the only sanctioning body that is offering this type of additional coverage. If you train alone or outside of Ontario, you can have the peace of mind of having that extra protection.

Bike Insurance
You spent thousands on your beautiful machine, but do you have any protection for it from theft or damage at a sanctioned race or sanctioned club workout? In 2013 a bike was stolen from transition at an unsanctioned event in Ontario, and then this year, three bikes were stolen out of transition at a sanctioned event and luckily, one of those victims had purchased our insurance. With more races requiring you to leave your bike overnight the risk of theft is increasing and you’ve most likely signed a waiver that does not hold the race director legally responsible. If you think your house insurance covers your bike, you may want to review your policy. Triathlon Ontario has very affordable premiums for its members who race at sanctioned events or train with sanctioned clubs during sanctioned workouts. Don’t learn about the benefits of insurance the hard way.

Christmas Shopping

You can pick up some Christmas gifts for your favourite triathlete at the Triathlon Ontario store. Or just get them a membership to take advantage of the insurance benefits mentioned above.

Triathlon Ontario Announces Mini Series Indoor Provincial Championships

Take part in the indoor triathlons on December 13th, 2014 and February 28th, 2015 to qualify for the two part Indoor Provincial Championship. Get more details.

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