Toronto Island Water Levels

We have had quite a few inquiries from athletes wondering if the Toronto Island Triathlon and Women’s Only Triathlon will be cancelled because of the high water levels. We have been and continue to be in touch with the management of the Toronto Islands and they have indicated and are confident that the water levels should recede in time for the races to be held. While this is not a guarantee or official statement by the city the thought is that historically water levels are at their lowest starting in August and into the fall. We will continue to allow registration to remain open and will monitor the situation on the island regularly and communicate any changes immediately. We anticipate being able to make a final decision on Friday August 4, 2017.
MultiSport Canada prides itself on our level of customer service and for always trying to put the customer first. We know that some of you who have registered will be anxious to know what will happen should the races be cancelled. Our refund policy can be seen here in the FAQ section. While there are typically no refunds, except for medical reasons, we are reviewing this policy on an exception basis. Should these races have to be cancelled we will be issuing refunds, less expenses we have already incurred to date. We feel this is very fair and know of no other race organization that has changed their refund policy in this way.
We ask that you do not contact the office regarding the above, until a final decision has been made, as we will be posting regular updates here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.