Step up your game in August

By: Carolynne Simons

If you notice you are thwarting your movement by telling yourself that it’s too hard, you don’t have time, you don’t have any way to get exercise, pause. Take a deep breath and think about jumping into something unexpected.

Photo by: @sharonbarkley

This month I combined MSC’s Duration Challenge and got recruited into Race Across Canada – Team Milton benefitting a whole cocktail of healthcare partners in Canada. Click to Donate!

Taking the focus off performance and directing energy towards physical therapy was essential timing for me. Many of us are also missing our community connections and training partners. So why not combine the two? Getting exercise while connecting with those around you benefits everyone because it makes you more accountable for getting some exercise, keeps you socially connected, and forces you to think beyond ‘traditional events’. Try FaceTiming a loved-one while you walk, designing a virtual workout with a friend, or responding to Saturday morning check-ins like I have when I’m being reminded to get in the water by 10am at Kelso Conservation Area.

Kelso Beach ‘lane swim’


Normally fundraising events rely heavily on events to bring new people into their organization and to find volunteers. Those events are now, for the most part, off the schedule. When restrictions are lifted, will supporters want to give up social distancing measures to attend athletic events you are participating in? Considering that we’re in peak event season, why not shift our event-relationship-criteria. Athletes still have a need to belong and be connected to other people, perhaps even more so now. The thing that’s changed is how we can connect and grow the life force of participants to accomplish that. Maybe it’s exactly what this ‘practice’ is all about… bringing the focus back on to each other and a little less on outcomes.