September 2013 Newsletter

Thanks for an awesome 2013 Season!

Sadly our 2013 season has come to end.  Thanks to all of you who came out and supported our Series whether it be as a racer, volunteer, or sponsor.

While you can wind down for a bit and take a break until the start of the next season, we will be hard at work preparing for 2014 to make sure we continue to deliver the best customer experience to you.

We may not see you face to face over the next few months but you can stay in contact with us through these monthly newsletters. We will use them to keep you updated on all the Series news, and provide you with sponsor deals, training articles to get you primed for 2014, profiles about some of your fellow athletes, and let you know of any training opportunities you can take advantage of.

Enjoy this September issue as you head off on your off-season activities.

As always, the latest news and updates will be posted on the Series website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Feel free to send any articles and feedback.

Series News

Goodbye To Sydney

16671-874-16256599It’s hard to believe that it has been 5 years since Sydney joined the MSC team as the Summer Administrator. Many of you have come to know Sydney as that helpful young woman who took care of your race day registration and those last minute changes you needed to make on race day. I have also come18257-874-19846020 to know her as the person who kept everything flowing at the Awards Ceremonies and my “Right Hand”.

Sadly for us Sydney is leaving but it is for a very good reason. She is moving to Ottawa to start the next phase of her life. All of us at MultiSport Canada will miss Sydney and we hope for nothing but the best for her. – John Salt

Registration For The Niagara Falls Half Iron Triathlon

After a few months of buzz, we are pleased to announce that registration for the Niagara Falls Half Iron will open Saturday September 21, 2013. Prepare yourself for one of the fastest and most iconic Half Iron races in Canada. The Niagara Half Iron will provide an excellent opportunity to race towards a personal best, and also provide lots to do for friends and family before, during and after the race in the beautiful Niagara Region.

We are pleased to have two of our long-time MSC partners with us for this new event, Recharge With Milk will be our Run Course Sponsor and Timex is our Timing Sponsor.

Go to our Registration page to register for the Half Iron Tri, the Swim/Bike, Bike/Run or Relay.

Niagara Falls Early Entry Has Its Rewards

Our friends at Absolute Endurance have donated a very special prize for early bird entries. Everyone who enters before December 14, 2013 will be eligible to win one (1) spot for their Absolute Endurance Arizona Training Camp> the camp will be held from April 26 to May 3, 2014.

Early registrants will also be entered into a draw for a Timex Run Trainer 2.0 with Heart Rate Monitor, valued at $325. The Timex Run Trainer™ 2.0 is a next-generation, GPS-enabled watch providing real-time pace, and distance. Timex Trainer product details. Everyone who registers before November 14, 2013 will be eligible and the Timex Trainer winner will be drawn on November 15, 2013.

You can sign-up for the race newsletter and register for the race at the Niagara Falls Half Iron website .

Race Recaps and Interviews on MSCtv

Make sure to check out our post-race video recaps and interviews on MSCtv. Become a subscriber and you will be notified when each new video is posted.

Series Points Standings and Awards Day

The tentative date for our year end awards day is Sunday October 27, 2013. Please make sure you check all of your results and points. If you see any mistakes or that changes are required please contact Sportstats at

The 2013 Series Points Standings have been published for all races. Age Group Series Awards will be presented to the top three people in each of these categories: Olympic+ Triathlon, Triathlon/Sprint Triathlon, Give-It-A-Tri and Duathlon. Winners of the Men’s and Women’s Elite Age Group & Pro Triathlon Series will receive the following cash prizes:

1st – $1,000, 2nd – $750, 3rd – $500, 4th – $250, 5th – $100

Visit the Series Awards Page for more details.

Prizes Updated for the Season Long Draw

Thanks to our Sponsors, we’ve added more prizes to the Season Long Draw. You will receive one ballot for every race you participate in and an additional one when you complete the Post-Race Survey for that race. For example: Compete in 5 races, you get 5 ballots. Complete the post-race surveys and get 5 additional ballots for a total of 10 ballots. More sure to complete the Post-Race Surveys for more chances to win.

Race Shirts Designed by Apres Velo – A Hot Item!

Apres VeloThank you to Apres Velo for designing our race T-Shirts this year. They were a big hit. Make sure you don’t miss out on these great designs.



Get Your MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jerseys

New this year is our MultiSport Canada 100% Canadian Cycling Jersey made by Champion System.

Contact our office if you’d like to order one. The price is $60 plus tax.

Champion System

Champion System is the worldwide leader in custom apparel specializing in triathlon, cycling, and running gear. Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.

Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand. We are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customized with virtually any design. We have revolutionized sublimation printing, redefined garment construction and simplified the custom ordering process. Get more information about Champion System.

MSC/HRT Returning to Challenge Roth in 2014!

MultiSport Canada and Healthy Results Training will be heading back to the world’s biggest triathlon once again and twelve athletes will be joining us. (Three of the 2013 group had so much fun they are coming back in 2014.)

The 2014 edition of Challenge Roth sold out in record time this year, and so did the MSC/HRT Roth trip. In fact we now have a list of athletes who are hoping to join us in 2015.

Find out more about the trip and this classic race at Team MultiSport Canada – Challenge Roth 2014. If you are interested in hearing from us once we open the 2015 trip please email and let us know. We will add you to the list.

Make sure to check out our 2013 MultiSport Canada Challenge Roth Trip Photo Gallery to see all of the fun that this year’s group had.

MultiSport Canada is The Largest Canadian Owned Triathlon Series in Canada!

We are very proud to announce that going into season ten MultiSport Canada is now the largest “Canadian owned” series in Canada. We would like to thank all who have raced with us and supported the series.

Sponsor Deals for MSC Racers

xx2i Polarized Sport readers

Are you at that time in your life that you need a little help seeing that bike computer? Your Smartphone? Your Garmin? Your dashboard in your car?  The XX2i Polarized Sport Reader will help you see again – FOR ONLY $50! Visit, choose your magnification, type in XX2iREADEREVENT at checkout for the discount, and SEE AGAIN!

Rock Tape – Save 20%

Rock Tape Deal

The Power of 3!

RacerMate, together with Hunter Allen’s Peaks Coaching Group and ErgVideo bring you an unsurpassed training combination.

RacerMate is the undisputed leader in the field of electronic bicycle trainer-ergometer systems.  Our CompuTrainer™ will improve your cycling speed by 10% or more in 5 months — backed by the only Performance Improvement Guarantee in the industry.  It has the highest accuracy (+/- 2.5%), best repeatability (+/- 0.8%), most power (1500Watts), longest lifespan (15 years).

ErgVideo™, running exclusively on RacerMate’s CompuTrainer and VeloTron, brings you more than 80 real-video, power-controlled riding experiences, ranging from focused, specific training sessions to spectacular climbs of cycling’s most famous mountains.

Peaks Coaching Group lead by founder Hunter Allen, have helped to create a series of new ErgVideos following Hunter Allen’s favorite and most effective workouts. You’ll ride with Hunter himself in his own backyard, on his favorite routes through the lush green Virginia countryside.

Find out more about the Power of 3.

Training Articles

Nutrition Gets the Gold

Through Recharge with Milk’s Accomplishment Series airing on theScore, we had a chance to meet Canada`s own ski cross superstar Ashleigh McIvor. Being the first to win the Olympic gold for Female ski cross, Ashleigh turned her hobby into a lifestyle and made Canadians proud. But obstacles on the course weren’t all that she had to overcome to attain her success. Through determination and commitment to a healthy and athletic lifestyle, Ashleigh was able to overcome the challenges of facing severe physical injuries from an early age.

Being a natural.

McIvor started skiing early. Growing up as a “Whistler kid”, freeskiing was a great way for Ashleigh and her friends to enjoy British Columbia’s beautiful scenery. Freeskiing involves tricks, jumps and creative freedom on the slopes; much different than the strict, organized nature of traditional Alpine skiing. However, friends and family urged Ashleigh to use her talents in Alpine ski racing, where she would later win in national competitions and rise above the rest in her field.

A life-changing course.

At 16 years old, McIvor suffered a severe leg injury in the Canadian Nationals which caused her to discontinue her career in Alpine skiing. Despite the accident, Ashleigh quickly returned to the slopes. But this time, it was for the sport that harnessed her true passion from the start: freeskiing. McIvor went on to compete professionally in the sport, winning a silver in the World Cup and taking the lead in the North American circuit.

In the height of Ashleigh’s success, ski cross was introduced in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It was, as Ashleigh states, “in perfect time to prepare me for the Olympic debut of the sport I was clearly destined to represent my country in.”

The golden regimen.

Training for the Olympics was not an easy feat. McIvor spent five days a week in the gym, cross training for four to five hours every morning, with challenging speed and agility drills in the afternoon. Being a naturally active girl, Ashleigh’s favourite way to wind down from the intensive training was riding her mountain bike through lush, open trails with her friends. This was also her ideal way to train during the summer; by taking the chain off, Ashleigh would replicate the intensity of freeskiing on mountain terrain.

She is confident that her determination in the gym, her post workout recovery regimen and her active lifestyle made her strong and fit enough to avoid fatigue and injuries during competitions.

The Olympic diet.

Growing up with a mom who was a public health nurse, nutrition had always been important in Ashleigh’s household. Since childhood she’s had a “natural craving” for chocolate milk after long days on the slopes. Before it was known as an ideal post-recovery beverage, Ashleigh’s mother would encourage and support her daughter’s love for chocolate milk because of the 16 essential nutrients it provided.

The power of milk.

After a hard workout, it’s important to refuel your body so that the following day you can train as hard as you did the day before. For Ashleigh, whose training regimen was five days a week, the fluids, carbs and protein found in chocolate milk helped her body to rehydrate, refuel and recharge every step of the way.

There have been several times where I had been working out for eight hours on Monday and had to get up at 8 am the next day for more…so I was very pleased when I learned the information about [chocolate milk] being so beneficial for muscle recovery with all the carbohydrates and the protein content. It’s just a natural craving for me.”

Drinking chocolate milk within 30 minutes of an intense workout can help make tomorrow’s workout better. For more, bookmark for all the latest news, events and updates throughout the year.

A Necessary Element of Healthy Living: Sunscreen

We are constantly bombarded with warnings from physicians, governmental health agencies and the media about the dangers of exposure to UV rays and the harmful effects of the sun. We are told that the best protection from long-term damage from the sun is to reduce sun exposure. For people who want to improve their quality of life through increased physical activity, cycling, running, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, etc, this is not a realistic solution. Part of the enjoyment of starting or following a physical training regimen is exercising outdoors.However, with skin cancer now in the lead as the most common cancer and the news that 60 to 70% of all skin cancer cases could be prevented if Canadians adopted a healthier lifestyle, many people are now realizing that finding a balance between sun exposure and protection is important to ensuring future health.

Athletes have a lower incidence of most diseases except one: Skin Cancer, because of their prolonged exposure to the elements while training or competing. When asked why they didn’t use sunscreen the response was fairly predictable, it’s greasy, it’s oily, it takes too long to put on, it feels sticky, it blocks my pores, I can’t get it off my hands, basically, too much trouble, but there are options and KINeSYS was formulated to meet the needs of the worlds best athletes. Sunglasses & Sunscreen have become part of your equipment and specialty retailer need to offer performance based products.

A sunscreen that will meet the needs of athletes should ideally be a sport or performance formulation with an SPF of at least 15 and provide broad-spectrum coverage, include dermatologist-recommended ingredients Avobenzone, Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. It should be oil and alcohol-free will allow pores to breathe properly for heat regulation and perspiration, will not dry the skin and will not leave behind a greasy residue.

Athletes should look for a product that is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and PABA-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin users. Check that the sunscreen is water and sweat-resistant up to 80 minutes. Spray sunscreens are great for quick reapplication that will not interrupt physical activity (but check the label, almost all use alcohol 59%+ , as the carrier- which dries quickly but tends to be sticker and dries the skin), they also use pressurized containers, that are an environmental nightmare, adding to the landfill problem.

Whatever your preference, the key to effective sun protection is to apply liberally at least 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun and to reapply regularly (at least every 2 to 3 hours) or after swimming, toweling off or excessive sweating. With proper prevention, sun damage can be avoided.

To learn more about sun protection and true performance sunscreens visit a favorite among elite athletes.

Stay motivated and finish your season strong

By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam

Jessica AdamMany of you may be coming up on your last races of the season and it’s possible that you are losing a little motivation after a long season of hard racing.  Feeling unmotivated is very natural and even the top triathletes in the world struggle with a lack of motivation sometimes.  Here are a few things to remember when trying to keep it fresh so that you can look back on your season satisfied that you met or exceeded your goals.

1. It’s about the journey.  Try not to get too focused on only your race results.  While the ultimate goal is to improve, qualify for, or maybe finish a race, try to put yourself in the moment when training as well.  Keep a training diary and write down all the milestones you have accomplished in the process, all the enjoyable sessions on a great day training with your buddies, and/or a personal best TT in the pool for example.  Or it may be getting through a tough day where you went out and conquered a workout anyway.  All of these things can be personal achievements that keep you focused throughout the year.

2.  Have a plan.  An easy way to get unfocused and feel unmotivated is to not have a plan in place. You may always feel one step behind and not prepared for your events.  A good coach will take away this stress and work with you to set up your goals at the beginning of the season.  They will keep you on track with proper rest and proper preparation for your events.  Eliminating this anxiety and seeking professional support will ensure that you go in to your events peaked and ready.

3. Be a spectator.  On one of the weekends you are not racing go to an event as a spectator or better yet as a volunteer.  Of course watching the elites race is always a strong motivator, seeing such skill and drive but be sure to be out there cheering on the “back of the packers” as well.  In most cases they are the ones with the biggest smiles on their faces and are the most appreciative of the encouragement.  They may remind you of what training and racing is really all about.

4. Do a non pressure event.  If you have a big race at the end of the season that you have been working really hard for a great way to take the pressure off is to do an event that is maybe small or local or one that  involves your family sometime in the weeks leading up to your goal event.  This may be a fun 5km run, a charity ride, or an open water swim race for example.  Don’t take this event too seriously and just get out there to participate.

5. Train with friends.  This is the easiest way to help you stay motivated.  Triathlon is technically a solo sport but there is no denying the power of a triathlon club or group of training buddies.  On those days where you find it hard to get out of bed, knowing there are people holding you accountable and waiting for you is a huge motivator to get up.  Most of the time you will always be glad you got out there because your workout will make you feel physically good and mentally satisfied that you accomplished something productive.

Remember that feeling unmotivated sometimes is completely normal.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  If you fall off the wagon just get back on, your fitness won’t suffer with a few days off.  Try out some of these tips to rejuvenate your mind so that you get to your last races with some gas left in the tank.  Have fun and enjoy looking back on a successful season!

LifeSport triathlon coach Jessica Adam has been a coach in Victoria, Vancouver and now resides in the Toronto area. She loves to share her years of experience with beginner triathletes and also experienced triathletes that are trying new distances like ½ IM or IM for the first time. She coaches athletes online all across the country.

If you are interested in working with Jess, write

Triathlon Functional Strength

By Tommy Ferris of Ignition Fitness

With the off season soon approaching, it will be a perfect time to address your strength training – which you’ve likely neglected during the season. If you’ve been diligent throughout the year, then kudos to you. No matter where you are right now in terms of your strength, you’ll find these tips helpful as you build to your 2014 season.

Athlete Profiles and Special Stories

Meet Ignition Fitness’ New Coaches

Tommy and Roger of Ignition FitnessIgnition Fitness is very excited to announce the addition of two new members to its coaching staff, Roger Hospedales and Ming-Chang Tsai, and their addition to the team promises to help Ignition Fitness grow with more coaching options and athlete services.

Many of you will already know Roger as he’s a familiar face at the races and behind the scenes with race organizers. He just completed his 21st Ironman a few weeks ago in Tremblant and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Ming has been coaching for 15 years and has traveled the world competing as a triathlete, duathlete, runner and rower. Ming is currently finishing his PhD in Exercise Sciences and holds a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.

More information will follow soon, and each coach will have a dedicated page on the Ignition Fitness website.

Please tune into our Twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest news.

Ignition Fitness has teamed up with My Sports Shooter!

Ignition Fitness offers several value-added services to all of its coaching clients, and here’s one more. We’ve teamed up with My Sports Shooter (the official photographer of the Recharge With Milk triathlon series) and together we’re offering exclusive discounts on your race day photos. Ignition Fitness coached athletes will save a whopping 40% on all products from My Sports Shooter. Find out all of the details.

Help Keep Won with One Rolling

Dawn Lomer (guide) and Leona Emberson (paratriathlete) - tandemWon with One was founded with one simple goal in mind. To use triathlon as a catalyst for change. Since 2009, Won with One has supported more than 50 blind and visually impaired athletes step off the sidelines to be able to compete as equals in the sport they love with the aid of a sighted guide.

When we began, we were just a few members. Won with One has now grown to become a club of almost 40 members, representing Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

And, we need your help.

Won with One is a 100% volunteer run organization and is completely self-funded. For years it had been our goal to expand to be able to support more people to get involved in the sport of triathlon. We’ve now opened our membership to all persons with a physical disability and we need your help to keep Won with One rolling.

We desperately need to purchase more tandem bikes for our members to ride, specialized equipment and a trailer to transport our bikes to races around North America. Without this equipment, our crew will not be able to race, inspire others and prove that anything can be achieved.

We have started campaign on GoFundMe to raise the funds needed to support our growing membership. Please join our community of supporters with a donation or help us by sharing our campaign with others. With the help of one, we can do more. With the help of a community, we can change the world!

Silver Linings – James McNaughton’s Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon Report

Last month at the Bracebridge Sprint Triathlon, James McNaughton crossed the finish line first. But he did not win the race. Find out why in this candid race report that he posted first at his Tri Peeps group.I’m extremely fortunate that I was even able to get this “Test” race in before Ironman Mont Tremblant. My hand and leg have healed extremely well which I attribute mostly to a healthy diet (Vega One). On that note, I still had a personal goal of winning my age group today!

The swim wave start is very interesting with each racer starting 5 seconds after the racer in front of them. It makes for a much calmer start and also generally makes for less drafting opportunities. One very bright note though, is that everyone is swimming in single file -mostly- so sighting is much easier than having people all over and not being sure which way to go. That seemed to be an edge that helped me as I put in a 13:55 putting me just 35 seconds down on the leader in my age group.T1 was a little slow because I can’t yet use my thumb to get my wetsuit off. I lost another 20 seconds in transition and once again rode the bike with my goggles around my neck! But that didn’t slow me down! I had the fastest bike split of the day out of 250 racers and moved into the lead in my age group and 5th overall coming out of a quick T2.The run went well, easy up the hills then hard in the flats I was on pace to set a huge new PB. I went through the first aid station and then past the Duathlon turnaround then saw a painted orange arrow marking what I thought was my turnaround. I hit it and headed back!

THE BAD NEWS: It only dawned on me as I turned onto the bridge to cross the river that I had only seen two runners go the other way but there should have been four. I started to panick, while running at less than 4 minutes per km now and barely able to breathe let alone think. I kept running and as I came down the chute I saw 1:06 and thought, I’m ok, I’m right on pace. They announced that I was the 2nd overall finisher! As I hit my lap button and high-fived the guy ahead of me, I asked what happened to the other guys and and he said “we passed them”. Normally I could just check my watch but I hit the STOP button instead of LAP coming out of transition so it hadn’t recorded my full run. I asked about the turn and was dishearteningly told that I turned at an old marker and that in the pre-race announcements, which I never listen to, that they clearly made a note of this. I finished in 1:02:04 with the fastest time but should have run another 1.8 kilometers as I ran 3.2 kms in under 14 minutes… DAMN!!! I was on pace to finish in 1:09:04 which would have been good enough for my age group win by a wide margin (nearly 2 minutes) and would have put me 6th overall. Needless to say I’m pretty sad. But it was a wonderful race and I’m fortunate to have been able to compete in it. Silver linings…
James finished Ironman Mont-Tremblant in 10:16:44. Congratulations James!

Camps, Clinics & Other Events

The 4th Annual Pumpkin Summit 8k Trail Race – Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Summit

This fall, challenge yourself with a trail race through Milton’s scenic Kelso Conservation area. This amazing 8km loop features 1000+ feet of elevation gain/loss, 2 aid stations and the rugged beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. Starting at the Main Chalet and taking you up through the trails to some beautifully breathtaking views of Milton, this race takes you over every sort of terrain. Whether new, or not, to trail running, this race is for anyone looking for a true adventure. The Pumpkin Summit boasts amazing fall treats for participants – homemade pumpkin muffins, coffee and more, an uphill pumpkin rolling contest for the kids, and the best race kits you could imagine! Known for its fantastic bib draw prizing, this race is a must do! Really, a perfect fall day for the whole family! Don’t miss out.

Check out for full and complete details….

DZ Asheville Spring Training Camp

Asheville, NC

April 6-18 2014 Race option: Assault on the Carolinas, April 12, 2014

Week 1: Check in 1:00pm on Sunday April 6
check out 11:00am on Friday April 11

Week 2: Check in 1:00pm on Sunday April 13
check out 11:00am on Friday April 18

Bridge weekend: Accommodation Friday April 11 and Saturday April 12.

Daily triathlon-specific swim, bike, run and core strength workouts in and around beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

We have been training to Asheville, North Carolina in April since 2006. Why? Because it is the BEST location we have found within driving distance of Ontario for those looking for to be challenged and inspired by a mountainous training environment prior to triathlon season. In particular, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a world-class cycling destination – literally seconds from the door. Our experience running camps in the area ensures that you will be exposed to the best training and relaxation that Asheville has to offer, along with the challenging and fun atmosphere that you have come to expect from Discomfort Zone.

Plus, for those looking for an extra challenge, there is the option to participate in the Assault on the Carolinas (AOTC) cycling event, with your choice of 100km, 60km and 40km courses (accommodation supplement for race weekend is available). For more information on AOTC, visit

Accommodation Options: Trail’s End vacation rental (self catering), Off-site accommodation options, Local athletes welcome

Cost: $895 & up including triathlon camp and accommodation at Trails End, depending on type of room

Discounts to DZ Multisport Triathlon Club Members and Coached Athletes!

Asheville Spring Training Camp Description & Pricing

Camp Reports from Asheville Camp 2013

Aktiv Trail Series starts September 2013!

Aktiv Run seriesJoin Aktiv Life this fall for a series of 6km trail races for adults, kids and teams. Series races take place on the Bruce Trail (end of Lockhart Dr., St. Catharines) near Brock University.  Races are chip timed and scoring is done by age-group, overall and NEW this year team rankings.

6km Trail Course: The race course is a mix of single-track, dirt path, and a short stretch of road. Click on the link to see the Race Site Set Up

Race Times:  All Kids Starts: 9:10 am / All Adult Starts: 9:30 am

Registration is now open: Register on-line via Events Online/ Register in store at Trysport Niagara.

  • Full Series = $135+tx
  • Full Series Team (6 people) = $100+tx per person*instore registration only
  • Individual Race = $35+tx

Visit or for more details.

Absolute Endurance Triathlon/Masters Swim Club

Absolute EnduraceThe Absolute Endurance Swim program is a program for swimmers and triathletes of all levels to come out for a great group workouts, with a coach on deck delivering feedback throughout the workout.

This program takes place at the Glendon College pool at Bayview and Lawrence avenue in Toronto.

The season starts again in SEPTEMBER and runs until the end of AUGUST on an annual basis.

When: Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm (8:00-9:00pm in July/August)

Where: Glendon College, Bayview and Lawrence

Who: Swimmers and Triathletes of all abilities. Workouts will be catered to advanced athletes, beginner swimmers and all those in between.

Cost: $565.00 regular price; $499 for Absolute Endurance coached athletes + applicable taxes.

A Chance to Participate in the study of the Neuroprotective effect of Exercise

Are you a hardcore triathlete who is interested in learning what this crazy sport does to your brain and body? We are doing a study looking at the effects of elite-level endurance training (and racing) on the brain. We are looking for competitive individuals with a training load over 15h/week who have big goals for either this season or next (2013/2014). Testing would include one lab session (about 2h total with blood work), a VO2 max test and an MRI. All testing will be done at Western University (London, ON) in the Laboratory for Brain and Heart Health. Please contact Katelyn Norton for more information at

Please Support our Sponsors

We extend our thanks to each and every sponsor. Race entry fees never cover the complete cost of a particular race or series of races and without the sponsors there is no race or race series that would survive without their support. We hope that you all take a moment to check out our Series Sponsors below or visit the sponsors page and see what they do and look at the products they sell. Please thank them for supporting the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon by trying and using their products. If you do visit them please take a moment to thank them for supporting Triathlon, Duathlon and Kids races in Ontario.

MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series

We are extremely grateful to have the support of our sponsors. The Series Level Sponsors contribute a great deal to help make our series successful.