MultiSport Canada heads to Challenge Roth in 2017

MSC Roth 2013

Once again MultiSport Canada will be taking another group to Roth in 2017 to compete in the largest Iron Distance race in the world. If you are interested in joining us, here are a few things you should know:

– DATEV Challenge Roth 2017 will be on July 9th

– Last year online entry sold out in less than a minute

– Pricing in our package this year does not include the race entry fee. We have decreased the 2017 package fees accordingly compared to previous years.

– The race entry fee will be 550 Euros for individuals and 650 Euros for relays. That price is higher than you may see on their website but the Challenge entry for North American athletes has a surcharge.

– If you decide to join us, and once your trip deposit is paid, we will send you an entry code that you will use to enter the race. The entry code is only valid until July 16, 2016.

Here is how the application process will work:

1) Given that we need a minimum number of athletes we will be accepting applications for the next 2 weeks, until June 20, 2016.

2) Acceptance for the trip will be “FIRST COME FIRST SERVED”.

3) Once we have received all applications we will email you once more for you approval to process your application and take your NONREFUNDABLE deposit.

4) After your deposit has been taken we will send you an entry code. You will be responsible for using that code to enter and pay your race entry fee.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you are going to complete this and we will add you to our 2017 list. Once you advise me I will ask that you send the completed application as soon as possible.

Remember, acceptance for the trip will be “FIRST COME FIRST SERVED”.