Bracebridge Olympic fun and Santa

This was my first time in at Bracebridge for the MultiSport Canada triathlon event. Every year I like to try another location in the Multisport series, they say variety is the spice of life, so I go back to my favs and expand my horizons each year. I had often seen signs for Santa’s Village from my car on trips in Muskoka and had this idea that it was a big Christmas seasonal fair… it turns out its several parks and camping sites with a Christmas theme. Something very different and people were out from the camp cheering us on the bike course which definitely added a new element to any Tri events I have done in the past.

I wandered around transition chatting to a lot of athletes, there are always a lot of people doing their first triathlon and have questions which was easily answered and put them at ease so they can relax and get ready for the race to begin. I was wearing an Ironman Ireland bike jersey and one female athlete came over to share her experiences from that wet day in Cork this year.

We headed down to the water and it was an in water start and the being in the water was warmer than standing on the beach for a surprise start to an August day.

The bike was challenging, a lot of ups and downs to make it more interesting and the aforementioned Santa’s village and support were a nice addition. There was a large crowd gathered at the run start/ finish area cheering everyone on. As you head out on the run you can see fellow athletes coming the other way, there were a lot of high fives and encouraging words flying about. The final stretch to the finish is where you muster up your last bit of strength to look fast in case anyone is taking pictures.

This was a great event and I am glad so many people came out to enjoy it. I am known for my love of ice cream post race and Bracebridge didn’t disappoint, I had even googled where to go in advance of my race so that I would know where to go and I got to see more of the town of Bracebridge . The ice cream store even had Muskoka chairs for us to sit in and my dog to stare at us outside as we watched the world go by.

There is a full weekend of events so there is something for everyone J. Another well organized event by MultiSport, just gotta love being able to drive to my races and home again to my own bed and bring my family.

My last triathlon of the season will be this month in Niagara at the Barrelman Half Iron distance race – North America’s largest Non IM Branded Half Event. If you see me come over and say Hi. Happy racing to you all

Felicia Long