Our registration policies were designed to be as fair as possible, while still allowing the events to remain financially viable.  Organizers make significant year-long investments, and these events can only occur once a year.  This requires a strong commitment from participants well in advance. 

Registration Transfers

Change inside the Same Event – For $15 you can change races (e.g. Sprint Tri to Sprint Du) or cohorts (e.g. Fri PM to Sun AM) inside the same event. 

Transfer to a Different Event – For $25.00 you can change to a different event. (e.g. Welland to Bracebridge) 

Defer to Next Season – For $25 you may defer/credit your entry to the following year.


  • Any Transfers MUST be initiated Two (2) Weeks prior to an event. 
  • If there is a difference in the registration fees you will need to pay the difference plus the transfer fee. 
  • If there is no difference in the registration fees, or you are transferring to a lower-priced race, this difference can be deducted from the transfer fee. 

 Medical Reasons 

We will grant refunds for medical reasons (e.g. significant injury, severe illness, etc.) ONLY as follows: 

  • Up to Four (4) Weeks prior to an event, we will be able to offer a 75% refund. 
  • Up to Two (2) Weeks prior to an event, we will be able to offer a 25% refund. 
  • There will be No Refunds for any reason within Two (2) Weeks of any event. 


  • With all refunds, the participant will be required to pay the processing fee. 

Water Quality

If the water quality is tested above the Provincial Standards of more than 100 E.coli per 100 milliliters of water, you will have two options: 

  1. While we will recommend that you do not swim, you can choose to participate in the triathlon for that day. If you do choose to stay in the Triathlon you will be swimming at your own risk. OR 
  2. You can choose to participant in a Duathlon on that day. 


With all our events taking place outdoors, the weather conditions can play a big factor in every eventMany unrecoverable expenses have already been incurred and as such there will be NRefunds because of a weather-related cancellation.  Registered participants will still receive ALL their Race Mementos. 

Water Temperature

There will be No Refunds if it becomes necessary to cancel the swim due to low water temperature. Registered participants will be allowed to participate in the Duathlon on that day. 

Public Health Regulations

We will not be able to offer refunds if there is a change in Public Health Regulations that does NOT allow for the event to be hosted as planned.  Should this happen, deferrals or transfers will be offered at no additional cost.