Tune Up Tuesday

With warm weather just around the corner it is time to get outside, get on your bike, and begin training for the upcoming triathlon season.  But, before you start – you should take your bike in for its annual tune-up.

Mike Perejmybida, owner and operator of Velofix mobile bike shop, recommends starting the season on the right foot. Check your bike for any potential issues: a loose chain, rust build-up, a flat tire, squeaky brakes – all of these are signs your bike needs a spring tune-up. Perjmybida explained that a tune-up is a “complete inspection of your bike” to ensure “the gears, brakes and other components are functioning properly.”  Done by a professional, he recommends that you should get a tune-up at the beginning of the season and then every couple of months to keep the performance consistent.

A well-tuned bike won’t only help you ride faster, it is also an important factor in ensuring your safety on the road. Perejmybida stresses that when moving at fast speeds and taking tight turns, riders are pushing their bikes to their limit. You need to be confident that your bike can do what you need it to. You want your bike to be at its best so that you can be at yours.

The storing of your bike is another integral factor to keep your bike in top condition, ultimately maximizing its lifespan. Perejmybida suggests that the best way to do this is to simply, “store your bike indoors where it is well protected from the outdoor elements” as leaving it outside can cause significant damage in the long term. Another routine to get into is “periodically cleaning and lubricating your bike” which can easily be done by “hosing it down to remove dirt, applying soap and degreaser to the chain and gears to avoid dirt and grease build up, and lastly, drying your bike and reapplying lubricant to your chain.”

To learn more about bike tune-ups or to get one before your first triathlon this season,  visit the Velofix website at https://www.velofix.com and book your tune-up today!