Tune Up Tuesday Week 6

With races approaching such as Welland and Gravenhurst many of you must be wondering the same thing, what should you be eating to prepare your body for race day? Well unfortunately, pizza cannot be justified as the perfect pre-race meal for a triathlete, but that does not leave you with limited options! Here are some tips on what you should allow your body to consume within the days building up to your race.

With a few days to go until race day, now is the time to focus on getting a higher percentage of carbohydrates into your meals as well as plenty of water. Carbohydrates are important because they are the most efficient fuel for our bodies. Lucky for you, carbohydrates can be found in various foods all the way from pasta to fruit so there is no need to limit the scope of things you can and cannot eat.

Prior to race day another thing to practice is race stimulation sessions. This is when you take a big training day and treat it like a race day i.e., eating what you normally would for a race. What this does is help to plan meals that leave you satisfied and fueled thus avoiding meals that make you feel full and heavy on race day. It is as well a great opportunity to test out different products on the market that athletes use to stay fueled during the race.

Finally, race day. Your breakfast will be the most important meal so far as it will be your main source of fuel for the day’s events. Coach and triathlete Paolina Allan suggests eating: 1 cup of cooked oats, with nuts/seeds/dates/raisins/cinnamon (this will help to stimulate your metabolism), and some milk. Another option is a large baked sweet potato, with almond butter in the centre. Both meals are sure to keep you fueled for your race as well strong enough to conquer any obstacles that may come your way! Nutrition is a crucial factor in every athlete’s performance and by fueling your body with healthy foods in the days leading up to your race, you are sure to perform your best!