Cycling in a Pandemic By Aquila Cycles

We find ourselves navigating a new normal with social distancing becoming a highly used phrase in our vocabulary. As cities across the province continue to open up, we must remain vigilant to ensure we are stopping the spread of COVID-19 and are being respectful to those around us. As athletes, we want to be able to take our training outdoors and train with friends and teammates in a safe and healthy way. While we may not be heading to the start-line anytime soon, use this time to set goals for yourself and try new things! Whether you’re looking to make it up a tough climb or venture out onto gravel trails, don’t forget to take time for yourself.

Keep these tips in mind when going out for your next ride!

  1. Explore new routes! Check out less popular cycling routes and see where the road or trail takes you
  2. Use Strava’s challenges to help your goal setting like the Everest Challenge!
  3. Keep those snot rockets and side spits to yourself
  4. If you are going out in a group, limit group rides to maximum of 10 people – but we recommend keeping it to a group you know and trust
  5. If you are experiencing any symptoms, including a fever and a cough, or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you should not be going for a ride

Be sure to continue to follow our sport governing bodies like Triathlon Ontario who are providing updates based on provincial guidelines and recommendations.

Stay safe and healthy – keep on riding!

Aquila Cycles