2019 Kingston Swim Waves Posted

NEW 2019 Update regarding the LaSalle Causeway Bridge

Due to construction along Ontario Rd and deteriorating road conditions downtown Kingston, the first and last km of the bike course WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR BIKE SPLIT.

We have a solution where sportstats is setting a timing strip on the out of town (eastside) of the Causeway Bridge (the massive metal bridge during the first km) you can’t miss it. Once you have crossed, you will noticed a few green pylons and a Sportstats sandwich board on the side of the road. This is where your bike time both STARTS and STOPS on the way back in.

This means that until you have crossed the bridge, you are in a no passing, no aero, untimed zone. Same goes for the return. Once you are at the bridge, your time has already stopped! You can relax, stretch your legs and safely cross the bridge without concerns and watch for rough roads and traffic. Police will still be present at intersections, however you are as always required to pay attention and slow down to a SLOW SAFE SPEED.

During the race, the bridge will be restricted to one lane for vehicle crossing, one at a time.

Athletes should slow down when crossing the bridge. Do not change gears, pedal or brake as doing any of these may reduce your traction on the metal grate surface. You are advised to coast across the entire bridge.

Be forewarned that the lift bridge may go up to allow the passage of boat traffic.

In the event that the BRIDGE IS UP, please wait patiently. Your time isn’t being counted.

In the event of RAIN, 

If the roadway and pavement are wet it will be MANDATORY that you STOP AND WALK your bike across the lift bridge or use the sidewalk, otherwise YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Volunteers at the bridge have been instructed to tell you to walk across the bridge or the sidewalk. You are urged to use extreme caution when crossing the bridge. Under wet conditions continuing across the metal bridge at speed is extremely dangerous and could result in a fall and serious injury.

Remember that you are sharing the roadway with vehicular traffic so be safe and ride carefully.

LC Triathlon Waves

Wave Time Categories Swim Cap Colour # athletes
Pro 7:59 AM Pros Black 4
1 8:00 AM M44 & Under Silver 74
2 8:03 AM W49 & Under Purple 71
3 8:06 AM M45-54
Gold 72
4 8:09 AM M55+
Green 42

SC Triathlon Waves

Wave Time Categories Swim Cap Colour # athletes
1 9:00 AM M39 & Under Silver 71
2 9:03 AM W44 & Under Purple 78
3 9:06 AM M40-54
Gold 73
4 9:09 AM M55+
Green 48