February 9, 2018
09 Feb 2018

MultiSport Canada Club Championships @ Wasaga Beach!

MultiSport Canada has always been committed to the development of the sport and working with Triathlon Ontario. In 2018 we are happy to announce that we will be hosting a second Club Championship, which mirrors the Triathlon Ontario Championships. That means that in 2018 there will be two Club Championships with cash awards, the Triathlon Ontario Club Championships and the MultiSport Canada Club Championships. This is another way where MSC continues to give back to the sport.


To encourage the growth and development of the multisport club and to encourage and promote friendly competition between clubs in a sanctioned environment. Prize money is awarded to assist clubs with their financial obligations and to better serve their athletes.


Clubs will be designated either Division I or Division II clubs for the Championships. Clubs with 50 or more members (aged 16 and over) at the time of the competition will be a Division I club and will compete only against other Division I clubs. Clubs with 49 or less members at the time of the competition will be deemed a Division II club and will only compete against other Division II clubs.


The 2018 Club Championships will be contested at in Wasaga Beach, August 25th, 2018.  The events counting towards point totals will be the individual Sprint and Standard distance triathlons, Sprint duathlon, as well as relays. For a relay result to count, all members of the relay must be members of the same club.


Clubs must be sanctioned with Triathlon Ontario and their members must also be members of Triathlon Ontario. Only those participants that are members of the sanctioned club at the time of the competition are eligible to score points for the Club Championship. Only members listed on the official club list maintained in the Triathlon Ontario office will be eligible to score for a club.


Every participant who finishes will be awarded minimum points.  Points will be awarded to participants based on their finishing position in their age group categories as per the following:

1st Place 100pts
2nd Place 90pts
3rd Place 80pts
4th Place 70pts
5th Place 60pts
6th Place 50pts
7th Place 40pts
8th Place 30pts
9th Place 20pts
10th place + all other participants 10pts


Pros and Elite Age Grouper results will count toward club totals.

Relays will only count as one participant when tallying up point totals

Cash Prizes

Clubs in both Divisions I and II will each compete for purse of $1,000 from MultiSport Canada ($2,000 total). Money will be divided as follows in each Division:

1st Place $500
2nd Place $300
3rd Place $200


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