Saturday, August 29

Race Type


Race Start

Sprint Triathlon

750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run
8:30 am

Sprint Swim Bike

750m Swim – 20km Bike
8:30 am

Sprint Triathlon Relay

750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run
8:30 am



Friday: 4pm-6pm

Race Day: 6:00am – 8:15am

Race Kit Pickup & Race Registration
Main Beach Area

8:30 am

Race Start
Wave Start

9:30 am – 12:00pm

Post Race Events

11:00 am

Awards Presentation

Course Details

Swim 750m

single-loop-750m-narrowThe swim will take place off the beach in front of Main Beach Area. The course will begin about 50-75m off shore at a point where the water is thigh-deep. The swim courses will be triangular with the first leg of the swim covering the angled side of the course. Swim buoys will be kept to the left as you swim. Expect some chop, so be sure to landmark on a regular basis. Turn buoys will be the large 60″ buoys and intermediate buoys will be the smaller 40″ buoys. There will be at least 50-75m of water running before you reach the beach. The run-out travels straight up the beach, crosses Beach Drive before reaching the Transition Area. Water temperature is, on average, between 68F and 76F.

Bike – 20km

The bike course follows the access road to Beach Area One out of transition and then The bike course follows Mosely which becomes Main Street as it crosses the bridge over the Notawasaga River in a dedicated bike lane. You will be using the SAME LANE exiting the race site as returning to the race site.  You will ride on the Left (English) side of the road on the way out and on the Right (North American) side of the road on the way back.  RIDE WITH CARE while in the bike lane.

There will be a NO PASSING ZONE from the Mount/Dismount Line across the bridge (approx 150m) both leaving the race site as well as returning from the bike course.

Athletes will be traveling on the East side of the bridge while leaving from, as well as returning to, the Transition Area. Once you have made the left turn onto River Road East the course begins to wind its way thought the quieter end of town.

Run – 5km

The Run Course is a 5km lap.

There will be Aid Stations approximately every 1.25km serving Water and F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™ – click HERE for more information on F2C HYDRA-DURANCE™.