Saturday August 26th

The World’s Longest Freshwater Beach


Hosted in the Main Beach Area  

After your event, stay and enjoy Wasaga Beach 

Qualifying Event:
Standard Triathlon
Standard Aqua Bike
View the Triathlon Canada Qualifying Events page for full details.


  • Paved Transition Area that overlooks the Swim Course 
  • Registration, Food, Awards and Finish Line all right by Wasaga Beach itself
  • Flat and Fast Courses


  • Locally Sourced Custom Finisher’s Medal
  • Race-Specific T-Shirt in a Casual Sport Cut
  • Professionally timed by Sportstats
  • Post Event Food, Draw Prizes, and Age-Group Awards
  • Multi-Race Discounts, as well as U23 (10%) and U18 (20%) Discounts

Swim Course 

In the clear waters of Georgian Bay from Wasaga Beach.  Being a larger body of water, small waves are expected.  

Water temperatures tend to be in the 20-23C (68F to 74F) range, so wetsuits will very likely be optional for this event. 

Bike Course 

The Sprint heads east out of town into a rural area on flat roads.  The Olympic heads further east and north towards the Tiny Marsh.  

These are both SHARED ROAD Courses, so be sure to follow all safe riding practices 

Run Course 

Right along Wasaga Beach for the first 500m before turning inland and heading past Park Two and towards Park Three along Mosley St and Shore Lane. 

Sprint Maps

Triathlon – 750m Swim – 20km Bike – 5km Run

Duathlon – 5km Run – 20km Bike – 2.5km Run

Olympic Maps

Triathlon – 1500m Swim – 40km Bike – 10km Run

Swim Bike – 1500m Swim – 40km Bike

Registration Pricing

To view event-specific pricing, as well as which dates prices change, click HERE

Why do I need to purchase a Triathlon Ontario Membership or One Day Fee during registration?

Triathlon Ontario supports the development of safe multisport in Ontario. All participants are required to purchase a One Day Fee for an additional $8.00 OR provide a valid Triathlon Ontario Membership Number.

Why do I have to pay a processing fee with my registration?

Race Roster allows participants to select their desired event(s), enter personal information, and process payment. Log in to Race Roster to manage registration for your event(s), edit your email address, and set communication preferences. If you experience any errors or have questions about processing fees, please reach out to

Registration Dates & Deadlines

Register by Sunday, August 6th to receive a T-Shirt with the Event Logo, registrations received after Sunday, August 6th will receive a T-Shirt with the Series Logo. 

Register by Sunday, August 20th to receive a personalized bib with your name, registrations received after Sunday, August 20th will receive a non-personalized race bib.

Any Transfers or deferrals MUST be completed prior to Sunday, August 20th. See Registration Info HERE.

Registration closes on Thursday August 24th at 9AM. No race day registrations are offered. 

Friday, Aug 25th 

Early Race Kit Pick Up – ALL EVENTS

4:00PM to 6:00PM

Playland Parking Lot
45 Beach Dr. Wasaga Beach, On.

Saturday, Aug 26th 

Race Kit Pick Up – Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Swim-Bike, Sprint Duathlon and Sprint Relays

5:45AM to 7:30AM

Playland Parking Lot
45 Beach Dr. Wasaga Beach, On.

Saturday, Aug 26th 

Race Kit Pick Up – Olympic Triathlon, Olympic Swim – Bike and Olympic Relays 

8:30AM to 10:15AM

Playland Parking Lot
45 Beach Dr. Wasaga Beach, On.


The Pre-Race Notice will be sent on Monday, August 21st. It will contain important info such as water temperature, parking details, retailers in attendance, and other tips for the event.  

The Final Event Notice will be sent on Thursday, August 24th by 9PM. It will contain important info such as your Bib Number and Wave Start Times.  

The Post-Event Report will be published to the News Feed early in the week following the event. We will send notifications to all registered participants as well as include a social media post. A Post-Event Report will contain links to our photo galleries, results, and any other articles written about the event.

Start Details

To create a Safe, Fun and Fair event, during registration for the Olympic and Sprint Triathlon Events, we ask for your Projected Finishing Time. We use these times to create our Start Waves – (Fastest to Slowest). If your Projected Finishing Time was not requested for your event, we will assign bibs by Age – (Youngest to Oldest).

All Duathlon Events feature Wave Starts from the finish line.

All Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Events will feature Wave Starts of approx. 70 participants based on Projected Finishing Time – (Fastest to Slowest) starting from the beach. All Olympic and Sprint Swim Bike Events will feature Wave Starts of approx. 60-70 participants based on Age – (Youngest to Oldest) starting from Wasaga Beach.

Schedule of Events 

Saturday Aug 26th 

Sprint Triathlon, Sprint Swim-Bike and Sprint Duathlon  

5:45AM – Packet Pick-Up Opens 

7:30AM – Packet Pick-Up Closes 

7:30AM – Pre-Race Meeting (In Transition) 

8:00AM – Sprint Duathlon Group Starts from Finish Line 

8:00AM – Sprint Triathlon Wave Starts (one wave every 4min) from the Beach 

10:00AM – Awards for Sprint Swim Bike 

10:15AM – Awards for Sprint Duathlon 

10:30AM – Awards for Sprint Triathlon (Under 40 & Relays) 

10:45AM– Awards for Sprint Triathlon (40 and Over) 


Olympic Distance Triathlon and Olympic Swim – Bike 

8:30AM – Packet Pick-Up Opens 

9:45AM – Pre-Race Meeting (In Transition) 

10:15AM – Packet Pick-Up Closes 

10:30AM – Olympic Distance Triathlon Starts (one wave every 4min) from the Beach 

1:30PM – Awards for Olympic Swim-Bike 

2:15PM – Awards for Olympic Distance Triathlon


Click HERE sign-up to join us as an Event Volunteer.  You can choose from a variety or roles and request the one(s) that interests you most. All Volunteers are provided with a High-Vis Event Shirt and Lunch afterward.


Parking is now available as of 6am! Please review the following parking map.
Please note the Playland lot is NOT available as this is the transition area. Click here to view lots with 6am parking.


  1. Download “Honk Mobile” from the app store
  2. Signup/create a login
  3. Login to the app using the account created
  4. Select the option “Enter Zone ID”
  5. Search the zone you wish to park in. (e.g. Spruce=5700, Playland=5701, First Lot=5702, Third Lot=5703, MPA/4th Lot=5705)
  6. Select the duration you wish to pay for – see Rates below
  7. Process payment by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal


  1. Push the green button to power on the machine
  2. On the touch screen, select Start
  3. Add coins to the coin slot OR insert a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) into the card slot *Debit visa cards Do NOT work
  4. If you inserted a credit card, take it out.
  5. Select the duration you wish to pay for – see Rates below
  6. Once the user has chosen how much they wish to pay for, select the green button that says print.
  7. Parking validation will come out of the machine. Place it face up on the dash of your vehicle.

Parking Rates – NEW for 2023

Beach Area Lots (including Municipal Picnic Area, Dunkerron Lot, Nancy Street Lot, Fourth
St. Lot)
– Hourly (2 hour minimum) $6.00 per hour
– Increments thereafter $2.00 per 20 minutes
– Daily $35.00 per day

Premium Beach Area Lots (including Playland, First St. Lot, Third St. Lot, Spruce Lot)
– Hourly (2 hour minimum) $6.00 per hour
– Increments thereafter $2.00 per 20 minutes
– Daily $40.00 per day

Main Street Lot
– Hourly $6.00 per hour
– Daily $30.00 per day

Town Hall Lot – Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
– Only $10.00 per day

Getting There

Suggested Directions from the GTA – PLEASE Watch CLOSELY for the Roads Listed Below!

  • HWY 400 North to Barrie
  • Continue North on HWY 400
  • Exit at Horseshoe Valley Rd
  • Turn Left (WEST) on Horseshoe Valley Rd and travel 4.5km WEST to County Road 27
  • Turn Right (NORTH) on County Road 27 and travel 11km NORTH on to Elmvale
  • Turn LEFT (WEST) onto Queen St/Road 92 and travel 15km WEST to Wasaga Beach
  • Merge Right and follow Main Street towards the Beach
  • Cross over the River Bridge and Continue Straight for 100m

Venue Information

Playland Parking Lot
45 Beach Dr,
Wasaga Beach, Ontario