Wetsuits…..to wear or not to wear?

Athletes new to triathlons often wonder if they should wear a wetsuit in their race, as well what the benefits of the wetsuit are?  At MultiSport Canada, we believe the wetsuit is a great option for racers especially beginners, and here is why.

When wearing a well fitted triathlon specific wetsuit, you will be warmer, FASTER and safer in the water when swimming in a Triathlon.

Wetsuits need to be fitted properly to each person’s body.  A good triathlon retail store will help you to select the best wetsuit for YOU!   If the suit is too big, you will feel sloppy in the water.  Ideally when going to try, buy or renting the wetsuit, wear the clothing you plan to race in on race day.   Wetsuits   range in price from $250-$700 brand new, however a good option for people new to the sport and not sure what to do, is to Rent a wetsuit from a triathlon shop, or borrow from a friend.

You usually wear what you are going to wear on the bike, OR for the whole triathlon, under the wetsuits for the swim.  This minimize changes of clothes in transition number 1.  It can be Very hard to put clothes on a wet body!

The water temperature for most Triathlons in Ontario is such that wetsuits are allowed for almost ALL races, on a very rare occasion in very hot and long summers, in certain bodies of water, race officials may deem the water too warm for a wetsuit……However the race official will always allow you to wear your wetsuit for your own comfort in the water, safety always first!

We at Multisport Canada suggest wearing a wetsuit whether it’s your first triathlon of the year or your first triathlon ever.  We hope that these tips will help you maximize your performance with a wetsuit in future races.

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