We’re Built For This

By Dempsey Cruz

A Full 180

You’ve trained all winter in preparation for what’s to become your best season yet. 

We were heading into a new decade after all. 2020 was going to be the year of new beginnings, change, and endeavours. Little did we know that one day we’d wake up only to find out that the world had completely flipped and we’d have no choice but to adapt. 

Drastic measures were put in place quicker than I can complete T2, and the infamous 2-word phrase — social distancing, washed over our reality. All of a sudden, races were slowly cancelled or became virtual and our season that we’ve spent all winter preparing for, just got trickier. For myself (and I’m sure many of you can relate), I face the challenge of preparing for a destination A-race that may or may not happen. At this point, nobody really knows what the future has in store for us.

With all this said, it’s been difficult to find motivation to train. It’s easy to succumb into the negative mindset trap of ‘why bother training for a season I don’t even think will happen?’ 

Lucky for us athletes, we’re built for this kind of challenge.

YAWYD: “You Are What You Do”

We can all agree that racing plays a big part in our lives and for most of us, this sport defines who we are as individuals. This is why the idea of not racing this season has been a tough pill to swallow. However, during this time of isolation I’ve come to realize that I’ve developed intangible characteristics from training and racing that have helped me cope with our current situation.

Run, Walk, or Crawl. Just Keep Going.

Imagine being on the last few kilometers of a race. Your legs feel tired and heavy, every muscle in your body aching, but from a distance you hear the crowd cheering at the finish line. Would you throw in the towel just because your body is telling you to stop or would you keep going knowing you’ve worked hard to get there and it would be silly not to push through and finish the race? 

Our situation now is no different. You’ve trained all winter, so why stop now? Redefine your goals and adjust your training plan accordingly. Sign up for a virtual race, or participate in a fitness challenge. Even if it’s ‘just about staying fit’, don’t unwind all your gains just because things didn’t go as planned. 

Racing has taught me to keep moving forward.

‘High Five For a Superpower!’

Have you ever had a low moment while racing and upon seeing those spectator signs you instantly feel amazing? We often forget about the power of high fives in uplifting morale and creating connections. I can’t even begin to count the number of times during a MultiSport Canada race when a spectator, volunteer, or a fellow athlete on the course has boosted my spirits through a simple smile, cheer, or a high five.

Think of how you can give someone a virtual high five! 

We’re all in this together and the only way we can come out of it stronger and more united is by staying connected and sharing our experiences virtually. Recently I’ve been seeing more and more inspiring posts on social media relating to virtual racing and training. Go ahead and drop that athlete a ‘like’ and an encouraging comment. These gestures really go a long way especially during these times of self-isolation, as they keep us all connected! 

Racing has taught me the importance of human connection.

Is It Really All About That Finish Line Bling?

Sure it’s nice to show off the hardware at the end of our race but racing has taught me to find a deeper meaning in everything I do. What keeps me coming back to this sport and particularly to MultiSport Canada is the feeling of inclusion, camaraderie, and community. 

Our sport needs us now more than ever.

It’s been so inspiring to see different clubs hosting online training sessions, athletic brands increasing their social media presence and stepping up to help out our community, and athletes creating forums on social media to engage with one another outside of the racing context. There are so many different ways to keep the spirit of our sport alive!

Go ahead and post a race photo, share your story, and write about how you are overcoming this difficult time in your own way. You never know who you are inspiring!

MultiSport Canada has delivered us so many memorable moments throughout the years. Now it’s up to us.

Let’s recreate that feeling of community virtually and start a domino effect of positivity, for what we do now will define our MultiSport community once everything returns to normal.