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Absolute Endurace

We would like to thank our Local Presenting Sponsor Absolute Endurance for their support. Please visit them on race day in the Recharge Zone. Please also visit their website for details on their products, services and the work they do with athletes. 

Our thanks go out to Twin Lakes Secondary School and to Sarah Vurma for recruiting volunteers for the weekend.

We are very excited about our partnership with Recharge With Milk  and the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series!  Look for the Recharge with Milk Team  at the finish line for your sample of chocolate milk to help you refuel and recover!


Thanks to everyone who raced with us at Wasaga Beach. We wish we could have offered you all the the chance to swim but here at MultiSport Canada we put all of your safety first and those conditions out on the waters of Georgian Bay were not safe for everyone.

We are thankful you stuck with us and made the best out of your day with the Duathlon.

Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Member Andrew Bolton wrote this great race report which describes the weekend’s experience quite well and offers a great perspective.

Andrew Bolton on his way to the victory on Saturday. Check out those waves in the background.

I have raced in Wasaga the past three years, and this was to be my fourth year at the event. My first ever race at Wasaga was a picture perfect day: the sun was shining, the water was flat…a bikini contest was going on…things were good. Unfortunately, the good times could not last, and we have had three straight years of bad weather for the event. There was the monsoon two years ago, rain last year, and no swim this year (wind). So considering that the sun was out on Sunday, I wasn’t too upset that the swim was cancelled, because honestly, there has been worse situations.

Run 1
I’ve only ever done one other duathlon (2 years ago in Wasaga), where I made the mistake of going out way to hard on the first run. Du’s are kinda tricky because it’s way too easy to go out hard (since the legs are fresh), which results in a miserable bike and second run.

I lead out the field, and set the pace at a steady fast tempo (at least for me…the other guys were breathing kinda hard). I kept things in control, and didn’t try to run away from anyone (since my only real goal was to cross the timing mat first). I put in a bit of an acceleration to cross the mat ahead of Aaron De Jong, and then trotted off to transition.

Aaron actually beat me out of transition (I was definitely slacking), but I passed him at maybe 400m into the bike. I went by him pretty fast, which is probably why he shouted over he would see me at the finish (I must look pretty intimidating on my bike). I just road steady (steady as in 40km/h average speed) and didn’t put myself under any pressure to ride any harder.

Run 2
I came off the bike feeling pretty fresh, and had one final duathlete to chase down (the actual duathlon started 3 minutes ahead of the triathlete duathlon). I passed Scott Finch maybe 500 metres into the run (and reassured him I was racing the triathlete duathlon).

It was then smooth sailing all the way to the finish, where I crossed the line first and collected my second overall win of the season (Yaay Andy)!!

Post Race

So overall my second ever duathlon went much better than my first, and definitely left a better taste in my mouth that the last one (although I won’t be intentionally signing up for one any time soon). This was my second to last triathlon (well duathlon) for the year with one more race out in Lakeside to finish up the season (although that one will also be a pretty chill race for me).

A big thanks goes out to Multisport Canada, who as always, puts athletes (and their safety) first, and always puts on a great race (despite the weather).

Follow Andrew Bolton’s escapades and read his full Wasaga Beach Race Report at his Blog.



Here is a nice message we received from Kelly Hopkins, the Annual Giving & Communications Coordinator for the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation:

I just want to say WOW! What an incredible event this weekend! Your entire team at Multisport Canada deserve a huge thank you for running such an incredible event. You worked with us through many details with our fundraising drive and team which is so appreciated.

The G&M Challenge Team has raised $93,000 to date. This money will be used to upgrade and replace every single IV pump in our community hospital. We are very proud of our participants and donors for reaching this milestone. Thank you for making this possible for them and for going as far as creating a special category for racers in the Give it a Tri category so that they feel comfortable competing in a triathlon!

We had absolutely no glitches race day and your team was very dialed in which really enhanced the experience for our team.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You can still donate to the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation and increase that $93,000 total.

Wasaga Beach Podium Finishers

Give-It-A-Tri as a Duathlon – Top 5 Women & Men

Wasaga Beach Give-It-A-Tri as a Duathlon (1 km Run, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Women

1. Nadine Vogt (Mississauga, ON) 37:30

2. Emily Chant (Waterdown) 37:50

3. Camille Vibert (Orillia) 38:23

4. Allison Byles (Elliot Lake) 38:41

5. Talija Menegotto (Guelph) 40:12

Wasaga Beach Give-It-A-Tri as a Duathlon (1 km Run, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Men

1. Liam Donnelly (Campbellville, ON) 31:37

2. Ryan McCallum (Richmond Hill) 32:59

3. Scott Knowles (Toronto) 33:35

4. Shane Jobber (Guelph) 33:47

5. Logan Hunt (King City) 34:03

Olympic Triathlon as a Duathlon – Top 5 Men & Women

Wasaga Beach Olympic Triathlon as a Duathlon (10 km Run, 40 km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Men

1. Adam Doxtator (Frankford, ON) 1:56:48

2. Simon Lutz (London) 2:02:01

3. Mat Reid (Burlington) 2:06:51

4. Justin Beck (Milton) 2:07:19

5. Alex Keen (Midland) 2:07:44

Wasaga Beach Olympic Triathlon as a Duathlon (10 km Run, 40 km bike, 5 km run) – Top 5 Women

1. Alison Wiley (Toronto, ON) 2:16:00

2. Sarah Wiley (Orangeville) 2:18:55

3. Lauren Reid (Burlington) 2:24:41

4. Jesse Elders (Toronto) 2:25:10

5. Alison Krokoszynski (Elmira) 2:28:32

Wasaga Beach Sprint Triathlon as a Duathlon – Top 5 Men & Women

Wasaga Beach Sprint Triathlon as a Duathlon (5km run, 20 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Men

1. Andrew Bolton (Richmond Hill, ON) 57:57

2. Aaron Dejong (Waterdown) 1:01:22

3. Adam Welsh (Oshawa) 1:03:44

4. Scott Simpson (Toronto) 1:04:21

5. Scott Campbell (Oakville) 1:05:03

Wasaga Beach Sprint Triathlon as a Duathlon (5km run, 20 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Women

1. Elise Bolger (Waterdown, ON) 1:06:59

2. Lauren Powell (Toronto) 1:09:06

3. Katherine Onyett-Jeffries (Toronto) 1:10:13

4. Tedra Bolger (Waterdown) 1:12:55

5. Pamela Lawson (Newmarket) 1:14:43

Wasaga Beach Sprint Duathlon – Top 5 Women & Men

Wasaga Beach Sprint Duathlon (5km run, 20 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Women

1. Jade Carrington (Brampton, ON) 1:11:41

2. Kim MacLaughlin (Toronto) 1:13:24

3. Michele Sheehy (Cobourg) 1:15:04

4. Annick Gagne (Angus) 1:17:33

5. Wendy Holyday (Caledon) 1:19:56

Wasaga Beach Sprint Duathlon (5km run, 20 km bike, 2.5 km run) – Top 5 Men

1. Scott Finch (Kintore, ON) 1:01:30

2. Michael Gratton (Burlington) 1:07:54

3. Darryl Weston (Holland Landing) 1:08:03

4. Curtis Coyne (Meaford) 1:08:04

5. Dave McInroy (Orangeville) 1:11:34

Congratulations to our Olympic Tri Relay, Sprint Triathlon Relay, Sprint Duathlon Relay, and GIT Relay winners – Koo and the Gang, Dad and the Boys, M-power, and the Hodgson Warriors.

Congratulations to these and to all of our First Timers at Wasaga Beach. Welcome to the Family! We hope to see you again soon.

nineteen-bkRACER OF THE DAY

The Nineteen Racer of the Day won a Pipeline FS wetsuit (MSRP $300).

At our races, make sure to stop by the Recharge With Milk Recovery Zone go get your post-race Chocolate Milk, some swag, to hang out in the shade in comfort, or to have some fun at their photo booth. If you stopped by and took some pictures, you’ll find them at the Recharge With Milk Facebook Page.

Consider joining us for the inaugural Barrelman Triathlon. Its coming up on September 21st.

Thanks for joining us at Wasaga Beach & thanks to All of our Incredible Volunteers made available by Sarah Vurma’s recruiting efforts and by Twin Lakes Secondary School. Make sure you make it a practice to thank every volunteer you come across whenever you are out racing.

Special thanks go to our Local Presenting Sponsor Absolute Endurance for their support.

We would like to thank our Local Presenting Sponsor Absolute Endurance for their support. Please visit them on race day in the Recharge Zone. Please also visit their website for details on their products, services and the work they do with athletes.

We also thank our on site retailers:

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We hope to see you at our final Series race at Lakeside (September 13 & 14), our next stop in the 2014 Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series.

Get the full Wasaga Beach Race Results.

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