Update on 2021 Series Events

MultiSport Canada has always committed to providing its participants safe, fun, and fair events all with a uniquely personal touch.  We have accomplished this by working hard on the very small details that create truly memorable events.  We have always been honest with you about what we can and cannot do and are always working to continuously improve. 

In opening registration for 2021, we plan to stay true to those principles.  Above all we will work to keep you safe, to maintain our personal touch and all the while making sure events are delivered in a fun and fair manner. 

 What’s Next 

The first events that we feel we can launch responsibly launch registration for will be spread-out over three (3) to perhaps five (5) days with either one, two or three 100 person independent cohorts per daydepending on the venue and course.  The events will have a more “grassroots” feel with only 100 participants per group.  We will have less people per bike rack and more space between racks to allow for adequate social distancing. 

At these venues, we will ONLY be offering individual Sprint Triathlon, Spring Duathlon and Give-It-A-Tri Distances.  With the current restrictions on gathering limits, longer events simply are not reasonable to host over multiple days given the larger resources required. 

All events will feature seeded Time Trial Starts based on projected finishing time.  The faster participants will start first and on down from there.  That way the events spread-out as they run.  All events will be fully timed, have memento options as well as race-specific finisher’s medals. 

As events will be spread-out over multiple days with all age-groups able to participate on any day, awards will be done virtually after the conclusion on the event. 

Understandably there will be some additional pre-event health screening protocols and a greater partnership between all participants to follow whatever rules are in-place to keep everyone safe. 

We have reviewed every race venue and examined the physical footprint required to accommodate the various local gathering limits (Provincial and Local), in order to obtain approval from the various Health Units. The current situation with the COVID pandemic and its impact in Ontario means we will be able to initially open registration for events in this format in Welland (late June), Bracebridge (late-July) and Toronto Island (mid-August). We will be unable to host our  Wasaga Beach (late-August) and Gravenhurst (early September) races unless gathering limits are increased to a minimum 250 people. Sadly, it seems very likely that K-Town and Lakeside will need to be put on hold until 2022 to return to the Series. 

If you deferred in 2020, you will be receiving a communication that outlines the registration instructions and updates.

We thank you for your ongoing support through these uncertain times and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back together at the events we all love in 2021.

Jason Vurma & the MultiSport Canada Team