Triathlon Ontario Age Group Club Ambassador Program


Triathlon Ontario is excited to announce their  new Age Group Club Ambassador Program.  This new initiative is intended to grow the sport of triathlon in local communities across Ontario.

Triathlon Ontario is giving each triathlon club the opportunity to nominate one member from your club to be your official liaison in the Club Ambassador Program.  This select group of ambassadors will have a mandate to inform, inspire and represent Triathlon Ontario at local events in your community.  The purpose of this program is to help grow age group membership and help roll out new value added and benefit driven programs for existing and potential new members.  This is an exciting time for triathletes and at Triathlon Ontario, we want to create additional value for our age group members.

Responsibilities of the Ambassador will include attending a one day training session at the SAO building in Toronto, located at 3 Concorde Gate, date to be announced in the coming month.  This session will bring Ambassadors up to speed on all of the current membership benefits and new marketing initiatives currently in development.  Ambassadors will be asked to represent Triathlon Ontario at a minimum of two local events (potentially races and other related events) over the summer to engage racers about the benefits of membership with Triathlon Ontario and hand out membership application forms to non-members.

This is a volunteer appointment that will require a three to five day commitment over the coming season.  What’s in it for you and your club?  This is a great way to promote triathlon to the local community and enlist new local members to join your club and receive the same club discount for membership if they join Triathlon Ontario as a club member.  There are thousands of triathletes who are not affiliated with clubs so this is a great way to engage them about membership and pick up some swag for yourself.

If you have an individual in mind, please approach them with this opportunity.  Once you have a member from your club who would like to take on this new role, please submit his or her name and contact information to myself at or Dave Buzanko, who will be overseeing the Program at Subject: Ambassador Program.  Please also include the ambassador’s shirt size as they will be receiving Official Triathlon Ontario Ambassador Swag.

Please have your nominations in to Triathlon Ontario no later than April 11th.