The New Super Sprint Category Debuts this Season


MultiSport Canada proudly announces our new Super Sprint Triathlon category.

Over the past few years there have been suggestions that our Give-It-A-Tri races were geared more towards new or first time triathletes. While this is certainly an excellent way to enter into the sport, we recognize that there are a great many athletes who are very competitive when racing at that distance. So in order to make the Give-It-A-Tri athlete who does not want to “compete” more comfortable, yet offer our highly competitive triathletes a great race option, we will now have a Super Sprint Triathlon category.

Here is how it will work:

  1. The race distance will remain as 400m Swim, 10km Bike and 2.5km Run
  2. The first wave of every Give-It-A-Tri race will be the Super Sprint wave and a mass start for all those who have elected to compete in Super Sprint. If you are a Give-It-A-Tri athlete you will start is subsequent waves.
  3. Race day awards will remain unchanged as will series points and be part of the overall Give-It-A-Tri category
  4. Series points will also be continue to be awarded within the Give-It-A-Tri category.

For those already entered in a Give-It-A-Tri race we will send you an email asking whether you would like to be moved to the Super Sprint wave. For those who will be registering in the coming weeks when you go to the registration page you will see:

The “Give-It-A-Tri Super Sprint Wave” option as one of your race choices for your race weekend – it is that easy!

If you have friends who have been thinking about participating in a friendly race and distance, please tell them about the all new Give-It-A-Tri. If you have friends who want that competitive edge and go toe-to-toe, please tell them about the new Super Sprint Triathlon category.

MultiSport Canada is proud to be able to offer customer suggested options at our races!