Taylor Speirs – 2019 Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon Recap

Just like that, my first Multisport event of the year is over. The 2019 Gravenhurst triathlon is one of my favourite sprint courses and I look forward to it every year. For those who are considering signing up next year, I hope this post helps! First of all, Gravenhurst is beautiful. Everything from the small shops, the landscape and the people are all unique and amazing. All of this really sets a tone for an amazing day.

THE SWIM: 700m

The day starts off with the swim, as with all triathlons. What really stands out and makes this race so unique is the steamship. It is so easy to get pre-race jitters, even for an experienced triathlete, however the steamship really helps to eliminate these feelings. The idea of jumping out of a ship makes you feel like a kid again and immediately you feel the nerves decrease as everyone boarded. Once we reached the starting point and launched ourselves out of the side, we were given 10 minutes to tread water which was perfect as it allowed time for a warm up. As the announcers counted down and the steamship honked its horn, the day was off to an amazing start. The swim was extremely well marked and monitored by lifeguards, so if you are new to open water swimming do not fear, it was a very athlete-friendly experience. The end of the swim ends with athletes climbing a ladder onto a boat dock which leads to the transition zone.

THE BIKE: 20km

I will be the first to admit, that of all the legs of a triathlon, the bike is my weakest point. However, there was something about this bike course that made it my favourite course to date. It can often be intimidating when you see a large hill in the distance, but the gradual incline on the out-course made me doubt myself less and keep pushing. Even though it was technically uphill almost the whole way, it was easy to convince yourself that it was flat and therefore increase your confidence. After the turn around it was a beautiful downhill ride and I loved every speedy minute of it.


The run started out with a short trail run, gradually leading onto the road for the majority. It was a beautiful, sunny day so the run was quite hot. I was glad I had sun protection and that there were two hydration aid stations throughout the course. There were a few small hills on the course, otherwise it was a fairly level course. The best part about the run was the finish line section. This section is very crowd friendly and the positive energy is evident. Nothing feels better then crossing that finish line!