Why Do We Do Hard Things?

By Emilie Whitson Do your non-triathlon friends and family ever ask why you voluntarily put yourself through upwards of an hour of physical pain on a regular basis (aka racing triathlons)? Do you ever wonder to yourself the same thing? I’m here to give you some great answers, for when your boss asks you why […]

Preparing for the Swim in the Pool

Race Simulation Pool Workouts to Prepare for the Swim Created by: Stevie Blankenship For many of us busy athletes it can be hard to get to the pool, but also, getting to swim open water safely can be a hassle as it is sometimes hard to sync up times to swim with other swimmers, throughout […]

The Mid Season Training Blahs

By Michael Telpner Last week I woke up at 5:00 a.m., went down to the basement, got on my bike and said: “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS TODAY”. There comes a point in everyone’s training when you go through the same pre-training rituals that you always follow, but your body just doesn’t want to […]

How does your thyroid affect your endurance training?

— By Raúl Andrés Pérez Being a triathlete is demanding, and to meet your goals in races you need to ask a lot of your body in training. So what happens when we (triathletes) suffer from a condition that doesn’t allow us to complete our training as expected? For me, by the end of summer […]

Training for the Time Crunched Athlete

By Tim Doris 2017 Multisport Canada Ambassador An approach to training that works for me, sometimes! We are all busy with work commitments, family commitments, and extra-curricular activities which in my family are competitive dance, rep. soccer, and baseball, and of course my own training. The most important thing that I have learned this past […]

How to Train for a Spring Training Camp

By Dr. Cindy Lewis, CLPerformance Training For reasons of pride and practicality, nobody wants to show up at a training camp unprepared. The prospect of getting outside again in the sunshine to train in warm weather draws a lot of athletes to early spring training camps. Who doesn’t want to take a break from the […]

How Watching The Pros Can Help You In Triathlons

By Anne Belanger Are you a new triathlete looking to make improvements on technique but can’t afford a coach? Do you have a coach but still want to supplement your training free of cost? Watching professional triathletes tackle their hardest races can provide valuable insights into form and techniques that you can adapt into your […]

The Image of Success

You’re halfway through an early morning run. The sun is rising and you’re feeling alive. Then you feel the burn and your thoughts start racing. That inner voice urges you to pull back, and your pace slips. If you’re serious about improving performance, training your body is only half the battle. Developing your mental power […]

Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance

Gaining lean muscle mass can be a performance and aesthetic goal for athletes.  Although genetics plays an important role, it is crucial to include a well-designed training program along with a nutrient-rich diet that includes adequate calories and protein, which are the main stimulants for muscle growth and improved exercise performance. The amount and timing […]

Turn the training “on” in the “off” season

          By LifeSport coach Jessica Adam The cold weather is getting closer and Kona has come and gone so for most Canadian triathletes the 2014 racing season has come to a close and we are entering what most people refer to as the “off” season. While a good rest is more […]