The Sun Shine Vitamin (Vitamin D) and Athletic Performance

You have likely heard that vitamin D plays a key role in bone health.  But did you know it is also essential to physical performance in relation to muscle strength, power, reaction time, balance, coordination, and endurance? It is well known that particular groups of the population are more likely to have low or insufficient […]

Sport Nutrition For Injury Prevention

Sport related injuries can disrupt your workout program for weeks, months…or longer.  A proper training diet can help reduce your risk of sport related injuries no matter your current exercise program.  The following are dietary guidelines to support you and your active lifestyle.

The Importance of Calcium in Athletes: Bones and Beyond

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body!  Not only is calcium essential for the health of your bones and teeth, but it plays  important roles in muscle contraction, nervous system function, stabilization of blood pressure, contributes to normal brain function, blood clotting, secretion of hormones and helps maintain a regular heart beat.   Wow!  […]

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