Nature Made vs Man Made

“Should I be taking a supplement?” a question heard by dietitians and physicians on a daily basis. Although some individuals can benefit from a nutritional supplement, they are called supplements because they are meant to add-on to a healthy diet when nutrient requirements cannot be met through healthy food choices alone because of various health […]

Carb-loading: Are you doing it wrong?

What does it really mean to CARB-LOAD? When athletes think of carb loading, they often think of shoveling as much pasta as they can into their pie-hole at a pre-race dinner event. What they don’t realize, is that this tactic is setting them up for a miserable race.  The main goal of carb-loading is to […]

Meal Planning: Staying on Track

Poor nutrition can decrease energy, prolong recovery, cause unwanted weight loss/gain, increase risk for injury, and cause a decline in athletic performance. That is why it is important to consume a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Get your Tips & Benefits of Meal Planning.  

How To Eat Before You Compete

Timing, size and nutrient combination of a meal or snack go hand in hand.  Whether eating at home or on the go, the pre-event meal should be high in carbohydrate, moderate in protein and lower in fat.  This power-fuel combination is easy to digest and gives the athlete the confidence needed to fulfil their call […]

Stress Fracture Nutrition: Prevention & Recovery

Abrupt increases in training duration, intensity and/or frequency of physical activity without adequate periods for rest and recovery can lead to micro cracks or stress fractures.  This is because the rate of bone healing or recovery is unable to keep up with the rate of breakdown that is caused by the repetitive stress placed upon […]