Jesse Bauer’s 2014 Season in Review

Jesse Bauer finishing at Welland – The Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team Member went undefeated in the 2014 Series.

Jesse Bauer, a member of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team, went undefeated in the Series this year with wins at Woodstock, Welland, Toronto Island, and Lakeside.

Check out his Season in Review.

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Race Reports from the Rose City Triathlon Weekend

Thanks for all the great comments we’ve received by email, Twitter or on our Facebook page about the awesome time you had at the Rose City Triathlon weekend.

Check out these Rose City Race Reports from some members of the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team (Jesse, Meghan and Scott), and this time we’ve also included some guest appearances from other racers from the weekend. Enjoy and maybe pick up a few tips from these athletes.

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Five Tips For Aspiring Duathletes

By Jesse Bauer – Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team member

Duathlon really is a different beast than triathlon, even though both are generally hosted on the same weekend and are often thought of as being interchangeable. Swapping that swim out for a run completely changes the dynamic of the race, and those who have experienced both can assuredly tell you that it is a different sport entirely! New duathletes need to be prepared for this shock as they navigate their first season of du’ing it. And what’s the point of having experience if you don’t share it and pass it on! Here are some tips from me that I have been sitting on for weeks and hope can help you, whether you are preparing for your first duathlon or looking for a personal best in your tenth one! Read more

Woodstock Race Reports from the Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team


We had an outstanding Series opening day at Woodstock and many of our members of the 2014 Recharge With Milk Ambassador Team were there.

Check out these very entertaining, educational and revealing Race Reports from various members of the team.

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Previewing Woodstock 2014

This Sunday’s Woodstock Triathlon and Duathlon is the start of the 2014 season of the Recharge With Milk Triathlon Series.

Weather conditions are slated to be arguably the best day we’ve had after such a brutal winter.  Sunny, a high of 23 degrees (although it will be in the mid to high teens during the race – perfectly cool for when you are pushing your body hard), and low winds (less than 10 km/hr).  The water temperature sits at 16 degrees Celsius (17 last year). We will have a spectacular and speedy day of racing.

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