Amino Acid and Protein for Sport Performance – Not Just for Bodybuilders

There is little doubt that hard training athletes have significantly higher protein requirements than the general population. Getting adequate amounts of quality protein throughout the day ensures that you are getting those needed amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and keep your immune system healthy.

Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance

Gaining lean muscle mass can be a performance and aesthetic goal for athletes.  Although genetics plays an important role, it is crucial to include a well-designed training program along with a nutrient-rich diet that includes adequate calories and protein, which are the main stimulants for muscle growth and improved exercise performance. The amount and timing […]

The Importance of Calcium in Athletes: Bones and Beyond

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body!  Not only is calcium essential for the health of your bones and teeth, but it plays  important roles in muscle contraction, nervous system function, stabilization of blood pressure, contributes to normal brain function, blood clotting, secretion of hormones and helps maintain a regular heart beat.   Wow!  […]